10 things every bedroom should have…

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  • Boudoir musts to help make for bedtime bliss

    It’s the place where you spend your most peaceful hours – hopefully! – where you catch up on reading and relaxation and well-earned rest. But if yours is more of a crazy, muddled mess, make this the year you turn your bedroom into your special retreat, where you actually want to spend quality time. These buys will make your bedroom the stuff of dreams…

    1. A damn good mattress

    If you have to choose between a fancy frame and a decent mattress, go for the latter. There’s no doubt they’re pricy, but a good-quality mattress will last more than ten years, so the cost-per-sleep ratio will definitely be in your favour. Be sure to buy a well-padded mattress that offers the correct support and one that’s crafted from natural materials.

    2 Lovely linen (changed often!)

    Invest in the best you can afford, so you can sleep easy – you may prefer cotton, you might go for linen, you might lust after silk. Whichever you choose, it’s the quality that counts. If your colour scheme is pure white, this is your chance to add a bit of personality into your space, be it with patterns, mismatching colours or geometric shapes. And if you can stretch to an epic headboard, even better!

    3. Plump pillowsWe’re big fans of hypoallergenic pillows. Not only are they feather-free, but those dust mites don’t get a look-in, making them a boost to your health. For couples, monogrammed his and hers ones give off a witty, hotel-chic vibe, while adding a few colourful cushions makes a bed look super-inviting.
    4. A snuggly rug

    Good idea as it is to have all-wood floors to make things easier to clean, in winter, your feet won’t take too kindly to stepping on to a hard, cold floor (or a splinter!). Make the getting-out-of-bed experience a whole lot more forgiving by treating yourself to a plush rug – there’s nothing like swinging out of bed and twiddling your toes in those fluffy fibres.

    5. A functional bedside table

    Your nightstand should be a hard-working multitasker with space for everything you need to make the night go smoothly – think a good book, notepad and glass of water. And as many clocks as it takes to get you out of bed in the morning! Who wants to be jumping out of bed every five minutes because there isn’t space for everything you need?

    6. A hit of colour
    If you’ve opted for all-white walls, move the colour scheme away from the clinical with subtle shots of sunny yellow, soothing mint or calming neutrals. These colours also have the added plus of lifting your spirits. One clever way to add colour is in the frame of your bed – this mushroom shade is seriously dream inducing.

    7. A comfy seat

    Cosy as your mattress will soon be, having a dedicated spot to sit on can enhance the bedroom experience. We’re talking a comfy bench, ottoman or chair, where you can read a magazine, pet the cat, paint your nails or slip into your stilettos.

    8. Something to make you laugh

    A supersized inspiring quote, or funny word to start and end the day is a winner. A little optimism goes a long, long way…

    9. Divine artwork

    Blown-up snaps of lovely landscapes – think dreamy white-sand beaches or swaying palm trees – will help you drift off to the Land of Nod with ease. Flowers are also very calming – we love the orchid mural in this bijou dressing corner.

    Zero technology

    If at all possible, make your bedroom a tech-free zone after lights out. Nobody wants to hear distracting electronic humming or to be woken up by a really unnecessary 2am text from a demanding best friend… Try it, you really will notice the difference. Zzzzz…

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