Grey and pink bedroom ideas - 10 ways to pull off this pairing in the boudoir

From cool silver tones to playful pink hues, style up your bedroom in grey and pink

pink and grey bedroom with trunks at end of bed
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Grey's silver serenity coupled with the comforting hug of pink is a match made in heaven. Grey and pink bedroom ideas are a popular choice that can create a stylish boudoir with a pop of colour. 

Grey bedroom ideas are a popular choice, largely because of the colour's versatility which makes it a safe partner for a myriad of other shades. Pink is one such colour, with its warm tones balancing grey's cooler shades like a dream, and those wanting to bring the duo into the bedroom have an array of choices to make it work. 

'Pastels are perfect to add a touch of colour to your bedroom', says Sophie Devonald, Designer at Crown Imperial. 'Choose complementary shades such as subtle greys and soft pinks to achieve an understated elegance.' 

pink and grey bedroom with tartan rug

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Grey and pink bedroom ideas

'When combining pink in a space, gentle combinations create complimenting feelings of mindfulness and peace', says colour psychologist Lee Chambers. 'Particularly if your pink has that fire to it, other neutrals such as grey will help to tone it down.'

Our grey and pink bedroom ideas will introduce ways in which you can start incorporating this lovely bedroom colour scheme into your space, and if you fancy expanding the palette into other areas of the home, we've got a fabulous selection of grey and pink living room ideas too. 

1. Choose pale grey tones for a relaxing effect

Grey bedroom with gold accents

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Pale grey, or 'greige' is a classy alternative neutral to white, and perfect for the bedroom. It is a soft shade that can balance a room whilst creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown agrees. 'I think that pale grey has definitely become the new favourite neutral – it’s modern, smart and goes with any other colour.' Once you've chosen from the best grey paint for walls, complement the silvery tones with dusky pink accessories, and rose gold for an elegant look. 

2. Play around with pink and grey bedding

Pink and grey bedding on a wooden bed

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The bed is often the focal point of the bedroom, so it's a great place to start creating your chosen colour scheme.

'A pink sheet and cushions combined with a grey duvet and pillows is a great way to incorporate a bold pink hue without being overbearing', says Emily Chance, Marketing Manager at Harris Brushes. Or, try the reverse and complement a pink duvet with a graphite grey throw and cushions.

3. Use accessories to bring out pink hues

Grey bedroom with pink bedding and accessories

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Select bedroom accessories in matching shades of pink so that they complement each other and tie in with the colour scheme. 

Photo frames, vases and other ornamental pieces are a safe way to bring a brighter pop of pink into the bedroom, because their smaller size means it won't become too loud or garish. Or try rose pink lamp shades and mirror frames as a more subtle way of bringing warm hues into a grey bedroom.

4. Add pink wall panelling to a grey backdrop

Grey bedroom with pink wall panelling

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Rather than diving straight into pink bedroom ideas, pink wall panels will contrast elegantly against a grey-painted wall. They will look lovely either behind the bed or to make a statement on an unused wall. Wall panelling ideas add a classy touch to your space, and can bring a new feature into the bedroom that is more understated and simple. 

Sophie Devonald, Designer at Crown Imperial, says 'a pink focal point can bring warmth to a grey bedroom scheme, and painted wall panelling is a great way to do this. The panels can create a nice boutique hotel vibe.' 

5. Combine grey and pink floral prints

Grey bedroom with pink floral prints above the bed

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'Floral prints are the perfect way to make a bold statement and inject some vibrancy and elegance into a room', says Emily Chance at Harris Brushes. Adding a floral pattern in a muted grey and pink colour palette is a classy way to bring this trend into the bedroom.

This can be done subtly with framed prints or cushions, or with larger decor pieces like bedspreads and curtains.

6. Contrast baby pink with slate grey furnishings

Grey bedroom with pale pink cladding on wall behind bed

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Pale pink is a great colour for bedroom walls, and means you can incorporate darker shades of grey into the room through your furnishings.

'Painting walls with a lighter pink can help maximise your natural light, and allow grey photo frames or detailing to really make an impact', says Emily Chance from Harris Brushes. Slate grey or even the darker graphite shade can complement baby pink perfectly, for example through a fluffy rug or throw.

7. Use wallpaper to create a feature wall

Wallpapered wall behind bed in grey bedroom

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Bedroom wallpaper ideas are a failsafe way to create a beautiful feature wall, and the combination of grey and pink will already have been selected for you.  

Wallpaper looks fabulous behind the bed as it's a natural focal point in the room, or behind other large furniture such as a vanity unit. Choose decor picks out the grey and pink tones of your chosen print.

8. A soft greige carpet will tie everything in together

Grey and pink bedroom with grey carpet

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The bedroom floor is an ideal space for you to solidify your colour palette, so opt for a warm grey shade to complement your pink furnishings and accessories. 

The softness of greige is perfect for the bedroom because of its neutral, calming qualities, and it's safer to go a little lighter with your bedroom carpet than you would for the living room for example, where it's more likely to pick up dirt. The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, so a lighter shade of carpet can reflect that.

9. Add a pink dressing table for a touch of glamour

Pink dressing table in grey bedroom

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A pink dressing table makes a wonderful addition to the bedroom, and can bring a fun yet classy element when done right. 

If you're already fixed with a dressing table you love, painting over it in a beautiful rose colour would look stunning against a grey backdrop. It would brighten up the bedroom and serve as an eye-catching furniture centrepiece. Complete the look with one of the best dressing table mirrors and your bedroom will look more fabulous than ever.

10. Go glamorous with crushed velvet and pink

mirrored dressing table in grey bedroom with velvet chair

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A crushed velvet armchair in grey could be the perfect complement to a pink dressing table or wardrobe. The deep hues of grey's darker shades are perfect for pulling off the luxurious, inviting look crushed velvet strives for. 

Softer pink hues will balance this out, creating an elegant bedroom.

Do grey and pink go well together in a bedroom?

The cool, muted neutrality of grey allows pink to flourish. It sets an understated background for warm pink details to come through.

The range of grey and pink shades available means you can create tones that are soft, calm, and inviting, which in turn contribute to the relaxed atmosphere the bedroom is all about. 

Colour psychologist Lee Chambers agrees that grey and pink can be a wonderful combination for the bedroom. 'Grey is much more versatile than it first appears, and it can bring in elements of softer serenity or warmer moods, depending on the shade used. And pink can be one of the best colours to use in a bedroom space; it brings soothing and stylish together and promotes positive flows before switching the lights off for some well-deserved sleep.'

What colours go with grey and pink bedrooms?

If you want to incorporate another colour into a grey and pink bedroom, avoid overly warm tones as you don't want anything that will clash with the pink. Cool tones like blue or green, or a muted yellow pastel shade, would work well. 

'Grey matches well with a whole range of other colours,' says Lee Chambers. 'After paring with pink to add warmth, consider incorproating greens or blues for added tranquillity, or even white to amplify the grey itself.'

If you want the pink to contrast with the grey, opt for a darker colour like navy blue or forest green so that the pink maintains itself as the dominant accent colour in the room. 

What shades of pink does grey go with?

As a neutral colour, most of grey's mid-range shades will naturally complement other colours, so you want to take more care when selecting your pink shades for the bedroom. 

'For the most part, we recommend duskier pink shades to pair with a cool grey, such as rose pink or baby pink', advises Emily from Harris Brushes. 'Avoid using extensive use of strong hues like fuchsia or magenta – these are best used sparingly.' This rings especially true for the bedroom, where softer, lighter shades are encouraged for a calm atmosphere.

Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director at Little Greene agrees. 'For a tranquil bedroom scheme, select an intricate wallpaper design for a feature wall, and pair with complimentary hues like warm perennial grey and a dusky pink.'

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