10 guest room daybed ideas that will transform even the smallest space into a chic bedroom

Tight on space in your guest room? A daybed could be just what you need

guest room daybed ideas, room with daybed in front of window, rug, lighting, cushions
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Daybeds are perhaps one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can invest in, mainly because they look good in pretty much any room in the house. However, a real gamechanger is looking into guest room day bed ideas if your home is tight on spare sleeping space.

Tiny guest bedroom ideas are a perfect match for a daybed. Some come as 'singles', others have pull-out mattresses or clever mechanisms that mean they can be turned into a double. Or you'll see designs that have raised ends, wooden backs or as flat as can be with a modern edge – there are plenty of guest room daybed ideas to choose from.

What's great about a daybed is that it gives you additional seating as well as somewhere for a visitor to sleep. They come in many styles and colours and often with storage underneath to boot, the options are endless.

Guest room daybed ideas

Ideal for those spaces that are short on floor space, daybeds are an invaluable piece of multi-tasking furniture to have. We've sourced our favourite guest room daybed ideas that will give you an idea of what's available for your space and they're all super stylish and practical.

1. Double up as a window seat

guest room daybed ideas, daybed in front of window, window seat, cushions, footstool, lamp, blind

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If you have a large window in your guest room then place your daybed in front of it so it can act as a window seat idea during the day. 

Double-use furniture is always worth investing in if you're looking into small guest bedroom ideas on a budget as you get more for your money. Pile up a selection of cushions and bolsters in one corner so your visitors can enjoy the view whilst reading a book or simply catching a moment of peace. It's worth adding in a small lamp too so your guest can direct the light where needed. 

2. Go a step further and consider a chaise longue

guest room daybed ideas, living room with green daybed/chaise longue, built in storage alcove, side table, grey living room

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

For impromptu visitors a daybed is a must if you don't have a dedicated guest room. A smaller version of a daybed is a chaise-longue, a useful piece that still allows guests to relax on whilst giving extra seating to the space it's in.

'If space is at a premium and you’re hosting family or friends for the festive period (or at any time of the year), an alternative to traditional sofa-bed styles, and an easy addition to living rooms of any size is a daybed or chaise-longue like our Iggy design,' says Patricia Gibbons, Sofa.com design team. 

No compromise on either comfort or style, they’re marvelous multifunctional pieces, allowing for extra seating and somewhere to rest your head. Look for shapes which have ample seat depth and plump cushioning which will make for the most restful night’s sleep possible.'

3. Build one into an alcove

guest room daybed ideas, bespoke daybed crafted in an alcove, loft space, with shelf, storage underneath, yellow quilt and cushion

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Small can be perfect, and if you have a loft space and a clever joiner you can design a daybed for your guests to sleep in that's charming and cosy. 

The space under the eaves is often wasted so utilising this key area can be very beneficial. If possible, incorporate some bedroom storage ideas under the bed frame and add some shelving alongside it to give your visitors a place for their clothes and personal items too. 

4. Consider a neutral daybed

guest room daybed ideas, neutral daybed in front of window, view of garden, neutral scheme, cream rug

(Image credit: KING Living)

When you're considering buying a daybed it might be worth looking at neutral designs. This will make it more versatile if you think you'll change up your colour scheme every few years or if you might want to move it to other rooms.

That doesn't mean you need to stick to neutral bedroom ideas. You can always add colour with cushions and blankets and the pieces you use around it, like a rug for example, or a metallic or brightly coloured floor lamp. 

5. Include one in a kid's room

guest room daybed ideas, daybed in kids room with stripe mattress and bolster cushions, storage underneath, cushions

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More commonly, you might find a daybed in a kid's bedroom idea. Forever useful for those sleepovers, they allow your teens to have a space to chill with friends who can then stay over. It might not be a dedicated guest room, but when space is short you have to work with what you have.

Gone are the days of pumping up blow-up beds for them to be flat in the morning! Dress it up with bolster cushions and a good mattress that can cope with multiple teens having fun whilst watching movies together. 

6. Add style with a rattan design

guest room daybed ideas, rattan daybed with raised ends, stripe mattress, folklore style cushions, large round mirror, pendant lights

(Image credit: Graham & Green)

Choose a daybed that fits the style of your home, there are plenty of white painted Scandi style designs about if that's your look. Or, consider a rattan option that has a touch of Bohemian style about it. 

Pile it high with folklore cushions and a chunky, cosy mattress and use it for guests as well as a lovely chill-out space. Lou Graham, founder of Graham & Green shares:

'The Tili Natural Rattan Daybed works equally in a guest bedroom or, if you don’t have the dedicated room, any multi-use space such as the ‘home office/guest bedroom/storage room’ as it does comfortable occasional seating. In natural rattan, a predicted trend for 2024, the cocooning high sides and natural woven material make this feel so much more special for guests for their stay than a standard single bed. Plenty of soft bed rolls and layers of colourful tapestry-inspired cushions finish the boho look.'

7. Choose a design with storage

guest room daybed ideas, daybed with storage underneath, stripe mattress and pillows plain blue cushions, sage green walls

(Image credit: Future)

Some daybeds are higher than normal beds which means they can have substantial storage opportunities underneath. This can be used by your guests, or, when they're not visiting, you can use it to store seasonal clothes and bedding. 

Always have bedding to hand in case you get an impromptu guest. Pillows and cushions can be part of your daybed's look and then simply pop out a duvet when needed. 

8. Make a feature of the wall behind

guest room daybed ideas, daybed with gallery wall behind, cushions on top

(Image credit: JYSK)

Ensure your daybed fits perfectly with your existing guest bedroom colour scheme by adding cushions and blankets in the same colours.

Another great way to make it feel homely for your visitors is to add a feature on the wall behind, this could be wallpaper, a paint effect like colour blocking or a gallery wall idea. They are always a good option as they add instant colour and decoration to a plain corner. 

JYSK's VADEHAVET natural daybed will give you carte blanche with colour schemes thanks to its versatile neutral design. 

9. Double up with twin mattresses

guest room daybed ideas, room with daybed in front of window, rug, lighting, cushions

(Image credit: Ikea)

If space is tight but you really need more space than a single daybed design can offer, then check out Ikea's UTÅKER stackable bed with 2 mattresses. It's so clever as it's essentially a daybed by day, but a comfy 2 single bed combo by night. 

It will work in a multi-functional living room, home office or a dedicated guest room and you can dress it up in any colour scheme you like with colourful sheets, cushions and blankets. 

10. Opt for a slimline design

guest room daybed ideas, small daybed, bed in a box, living room, artwork, side table, lamp, rug

(Image credit: Loaf)

If your guest room is small, but can cope with the length of a standard bed when required then consider the new-on-the-market 'beds in boxes' like Loaf's double bed in a bun. They are a genius idea and when closed they also act as a daybed especially if you opt for the double size. 

They're ideal if your guest room can cope size-wise with it being pulled out at night – even if it's tight because during the day it tucks back in and you can sit on it like a daybed – what's not to love?


Is a daybed good for a small room?

Daybeds are ideal for a small room, you just need to make sure that if it has a pull out section, be it drawers or another mattress, that there's enough space it to function.

Alternatively, for even tinier rooms several 'bed-in-a-box' options are small daybeds that fold out – perfect for tiny guest rooms or home offices guest room ideas. 

Can guests sleep on a daybed?

Yes they can, daybeds are built for comfort these days, whether it's a short nap in the sun during the day or a night's sleep. More classic styles have thick mattresses, and others have comfy sofa style padding that means you can sleep well. 

Make sure you give your guests a good pillow or two plus cushions or extra cosiness. 

Squeeze in an extra bit of sleeping space with one of these chic furniture additions.

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