How Dawn French got us hooked on this maximalist bedroom trend

This maximalist bedroom trend is going to be a VBD – and Dawn French is already a fan

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Always dreamed of owning an oversized headboard? You're in luck: the maximalist bedroom trend is fast shaping up to be one of the year's must-try bedroom ideas – especially as our beloved Dawn French has gotten in on the action.

Now, if you're anything like us, you'll likely love nothing more than peering inside other people's homes (for ideas on how to arrange furniture, sure, but also because we're impossibly nosy). 

As such, we spend a lot of time scouring the background of celebrity videos on Instagram – and that's exactly how we learned that at least half of French & Saunders is a fan of one of our favourite bedroom decor trends.

The maximalist bedroom trend

Earlier this year, Dawn's brilliant Instagram inspired us all to try our hand at pelargonsjuka – aka the Scandi gardening trend of our dreams. So, yes, we've been avidly following her feed ever since.

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Our vigilance paid off when the comedian shared a hilarious skit from inside her bedroom... with an oversized navy headboard clearly visible in the background.

Check it out:

Of course, Dawn isn't the only person who's installed an oversized headboard in her bedroom this year. Far from it, in fact!

'In comparison to last year, customer searches for ‘Upholstered Headboards’ have risen by 22 per cent, whilst searches for ‘Silhouette Headboard’ have shot up by a staggering 3,400 per cent,' says Laura Tudor, bedroom furniture buyer at John Lewis.

'In recent years, opulent headboards have enjoyed a revival in the world of interior design, acting as a focal point and the main event for a whole bedroom scheme,' adds Georgia Metcalfe, creative director and founder of French Bedroom.

'A remarkably simple way to make a statement, they can transform a room or enliven even the simplest of spaces, in much the same way as a piece of art might do.'

How to make an oversized headboard work for you

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Easily one of the most romantic bedroom ideas around, an oversized headboard can always add a little oomph to your home – no matter what your personal aesthetic is.

'The key thing to consider is ceiling height,' says Georgia. 'For low ceilings, avoid tall headboards that will draw attention to the lack of height in your space. Instead, opt for shorter headboards that are finished with opulent curves or scalloped edges that won’t break up a room quite as much.'

'That said, an attic bedroom with eaves can look nicely considered with a tall peaked headboard, following the same angled gradient as your ceiling.'

Bed with a cane headboard and pink bedding

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Warming to her theme, Georgia from French Bedroom adds that you absolutely can make playful patterned headboards work in a small bedroom.

'Try pairing a delicate floral or toile headboard against a contrasting vertical striped wallpaper to create a pattern clash while adding an illusion of height to your space,' she advises.

'The only rule here is to limit your choice of colours, ideally keeping a single shade as the accent on your headboard and wallpaper to avoid overwhelming your room.'

To complete the look, top your bed with crisp white sheets and add a pair of bedside tables for grounding symmetry that will truly allow your headboard to shine.

Yes, renters can enjoy the maximalist bedroom trend 

It's all too easy to assume that a luxurious oversized headboard is best suited to homeowners, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it's a brilliant way to inject some personality into your rented abode.

'Oversized headboards act as a great focal point in a bedroom and are an easy way to transform a plain looking bed into an eye-catching centrepiece,' says Harriet Pringle, the founder of Narchie

Pink bedroom with a bed with statement headboard and a bedside table

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'As more people are renting, opting for a statement headboard is an easy way to decorate and add colour and pattern to a room if you're unable to paint walls or hang pictures,' continues Harriet. 

'If you're looking to add the trend at home, but have a small bedroom, then opt for a muted colour and simple pattern, as anything too bold may make the room appear smaller.'

Of course, you can shop the oversized headboard trend sustainably by choosing second hand. 

'Not only is it the most eco-friendly way to shop for your home, as it gives new life to something that would otherwise be chucked away, but you also get cheaper, better quality and unique designs at a fraction of the price,' says Harriet, who notes that there are many options available on Narchie

'Just remember to shop with an open mind! If the fabric seems outdated or doesn't suit your aesthetic, but you love the shape, remember you can always have an item reupholstered,' she adds. 

'While this can be costly to get done professionally, you'll be able to create a headboard that is completely bespoke to you. Plus it's usually cheaper than buying new.'

If you need us, we'll be scouring the web for a navy oversized headboard just like Dawn French's – à bientôt!

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