Feng shui bedroom designs

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  • A good feng shui bedroom should promote harmony and peace. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of decorating that has developed over 3,000 years. The title feng shui, meaning wind and water, is practised as a way to channel the earth’s energy, or chi, in order to bring a healthy balance to life.

    To create a good feng shui bedroom you can use a variety of simple feng shui tools, these include removing the TV, computer and exercise equipment and opening the windows regularly to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen, so large windows are ideal. Ensure curtains are kept open in daylight hours to allow as much light in as possible.

    A feng shui room should have a bed that is easily approachable on both sides, and should have a high-quality mattress and bedlinen made from natural fibres. A wooden headboard is also recommend, ideally upholstered and any furniture and accessories should have curved angles as sharp corners promote unpleasant energy.

    The positioning of your bed is also important for a feng shui space to avoid the release of negative energy. The bed should not be positioned under a window and you should be able to see the bedroom and cupboard doors from your bed, but they should not be directly aligned with them. All doors should be closed at night and the room should be kept clutter free.

    The colours in a bedroom also fall into feng shui categories, and the hues you choose relate to the energy and element you want to promote:

    Water: freshness and ease – blue and black Fire: Passion and high energy – bold yellow, orange, purple, pink and red Earth: Nourishment and stability: light yellow and brown Metal: Health and vitality – green and brown

    Candles are key for creating a good feng shui in your bedroom as they are seen as representing a fire feng shui element, so burning candles can heat up energy – non-toxic soy and 100% beeswax candles maintain a balanced energy.

    Mirrors are also important for drawing in and expanding energy, especially water elements but large mirrors should be avoided as water elements can be drain energy. And If you can see the bed in your mirror you are encouraging someone to share your relationship with you and your partner

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