Shopping edit – best bedroom bins to keep sleep environments clean and tidy

Seductive? No. But essential for cleanliness? Yes!
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  • Let’s face it – shopping for bins is always a little bit rubbish. And perhaps even more so when looking for bedroom bins, because where do you start? It all depends on where and what kind of bedroom you wish to use it in.

    You should probably think of this as the most attractive bin you’ll ever need purchase. Because the aesthetic is highly important in a bedroom. You’ll either want your bin to blend in seamlessly – almost undetected – or you’ll want it to standout because of it’s beauty.

    Why buy a bedroom bin?

    The reason behind needing a bin is simple enough, but it is worth considering exactly what you’ll require from your bin when shopping for the perfect solution.

    bedroom bin under the dressing table

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    Perhaps you require a bin for under a dressing table – somewhere to throw cotton wool pads and buds, and those pesky contact lens holders? It likely needs to be stylishly understated. And for glam bedrooms we’ve found multiple metallic designs that radiate beauty. They may be humble bins, but these were made to be seen.

    For a child’s bedroom you will be wanting a more playful design to perk up its practical purpose. A more whimsical design will suffice, providing adequate disposal for their arts and crafts waste paper, broken crayons and the like.

    But when it comes to a nursery, you might be looking for more of a hygienic and sanitary option. We’d suggest a bin with a lid – and we’ve found just the thing.

    Is your bedroom bin for an en-suite bathroom? In which case you might be looking for a more typical pedal bin design for a better degree of hygiene. Or a natural woven basket might be a fitting solution, to add a textural, slightly exotic touch.

    The best bedroom bins to buy right now

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