8 ultimate baby essentials you absolutely need at home – they’re stylish yet sensible

These stylish baby essentials are all must-haves for new parents – they'll certainly make your life easier
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  • Having a baby? Grab your notebook and jot down all of these home baby essentials that you’ll need come your little one’s arrival. From the sought-after SnuzPod to place in your bedroom, to the Baby Dam for your bathroom and even some practical space-savvy furniture for the nursery. Everything you need – for your home – is right here. The best part? All of our suggestions aren’t just popular for good reason, but they’re also sensible purchases that are essential.

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    Read our baby essentials guide below to be in the know of what you should be buying for your home – from cribs to high chairs and baby baths. The majority of which will last your child for years to come, even when they are walking and talking.

    8 stylish baby essentials you absolutely need at home

    1. The SnuzPod 4 – for co-sleeping safely

    Snüz SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib

    Image credit: Snüz

    There’s a reason this bedside crib is popular among soon-to-be-parents or new parents: it makes co-sleeping safe, and it can rock your baby to sleep when you are too tired to. It also boasts a reflux incline position for babies who need it, while it comes with the rocking stand and a mattress included in the price tag. The walls of this crib can be lowered so that you can safely co-sleep, and it can sit at a range of heights to suit beds up to 73cm high. It’s versatile, too, since the bassinet detaches from the rocker so that you can use it anywhere in your home, while this bassinet is also lightweight so you can carry it from room to room with ease. The crib itself boasts breathable mesh walls to secure baby and allow air to circulate around them. No need to buy (and store) a separate moses basket, then…

    Snüz SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib | Was £199.95, now £179.95 at Amazon
    This crib is a no-brainer buy, and it even comes in 5 colours to blend in with your bedroom decor. The crib itself boasts breathable mesh walls to secure baby and allow air to circulate around them, while a washable liner makes it easy to keep clean. Not only do the mesh walls zip down, but the sides of this crib have windows so that you can see your baby while your head is on your pillow. This crib makes feeding and comforting your baby easy during the night, and it’s even on sale…

    Buy now at Amazon

    2. The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier – for an easy bathtime

    BabyDam Bathwater Barrier

    Image credit: BabyDam

    Let’s face it: baby bathtubs are not nice to look at, even worse: they are so difficult to hide away when guests come over. The Baby Dam is popular for a range of reasons, but mostly because it fits a range of tub sizes, it rids the need for you to clean another tub, and also because you can slide it between a toilet and a sink after use, to hide it away, or in a cupboard with ease. It can also save you time – since you won’t have to run a full bath – and it will save you money on your water bills. It even has a safety plug to prevent overfilling making it safe to use as well. Amazon reviewers give it 4.2 stars out of 5…

    The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier | £34.99 at Amazon
    This water barrier comes in three colours – grey, blue or pink – to fit in with your bathroom colour scheme, while it can fit the majority of tubs from standard size ones to P-shaped tubs. You can position it anywhere in the bath you like, meaning you can use it as your child grows.

    Buy now at Amazon

    3. The Scandinavian Pet Design Guard Me Gate – for keeping them away from potentially unsafe items

    10 stylish yet sensible baby essentials you absolutely need at home

    Image credit: Scandinavian Pet Design

    Baby gates – no one wants to buy one or have one in their home, but you may have to if you have an inquisitive toddler who just won’t stop trying to go up the stairs on their own. We spotted this baby gate at Argos, and it’s safe to say it’s one of the better-looking ones we’ve seen online. It’s actually for pets, but it still does the job, all while adding a slightly Scandi vibe to your doorway. Wave goodbye to the classic metal ones you see everywhere…


    Scandinavian Pet Design Guard Me Gate | £54.99 at Argos

    Not just good looking, this guard is easy to open and close, while it’s made using folding barriers so your child can’t put their arms or legs through – and potentially get them stuck. It’s made of PVC-free plastic, it opens two ways and it folds away when storing. It measures 74cm in height and it fits openings of 55cm to 89cm


    4.  Mamas & Papas Franklin Cotbed – for sleeping and storing

    Mamas & Papas Franklin Cotbed

    Image credit: Mamas & Papas

    Your little one will go from a crib to a cot bed at around six months old, so you’ll need to consider which ones you like – and what features you want – pretty soon after they are born. Better yet, do it before to tick this job off your to-do list. This cot bed from Mamas & Papas doesn’t just look good – it features under-bed storage for their bedsheets (and more), and it transforms to a toddler bed to last them until they are around 4 years old. Safe to say you’ll get your moneys worth out of it…

    Mamas & Papas Franklin Cotbed | £469 at Mamas & Papas
    We’re well aware that this cot bed is an investment, but when it grows along with your child – until they reach 4 years olf may we add – its’ more than worth it. It also has soft-close under bed storage, it features clothign rails on the side so that you can hang an outfit or two next to their cot. That and it’s super robust, and you can complete your nursery with the matching wardrobe, bookcase, chest of drawers and more.

    Buy from Mamas & Papas

    5. The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor – for keeping an eye when out of the room

    The Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

    Image credit: Nanit

    A baby monitor will be high up on your to-buy list, and this one is a bestseller for good reason. You mount it to the wall to hang over your crib so that you can watch baby from a birds-eye view – aka the best angle – and keep an eye on their every move. It syncs with an app to alert your mobile on movement and noise, while it can also track temperature, it has a built-in night light, it boasts two-way audio and much more. All of the bells and whistles…

    Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor | £299.95 at Amazon
    This baby monitor is the best of the best – it has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. This bundle comes with the monitor and the camera, as well as the wall mount to keep your nursery looking tidy and being safe for inquisitive hands. Connect this monitor to your iOS, Android or Kindle device, or use it with a compatible Echo Show to view your sleeping child from any room in your home. Download the app for personalised sleep tracking and to see your baby’s sleep stats each morning. Helpful…

    Buy from Amazon

    6. The John Lewis & Partners Wedge Changing Mat – for safe nappy changing

    John Lewis & Partners Wedge Changing Mat

    Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

    Wedge changing mats are highly searched for online, mostly because they are safer than classic changing mats as they can prevent baby from falling – wherever you are changing them. Pop this atop a chest of drawers you already own, to transform it into a safe changing table. Though basic, this changing mat certainly won’t distract eyes from the rest of your nursery decor, while it’s foam-filled to protect their back.

    John Lewis & Partners Wedge Changing Mat| £16.50 at John Lewis & Partners
    This budget-friendly changing mat features a phthalate-free PVC cover that’s wipeable and it’s filled with foam to make it comfortable. You can easily move it from room to room with ease or slide it underneath a cot bed to store it away. With high walls to keep your baby in the middle of the mat, it’s a lot safer than other options we’ve seen – as well as cheaper.

    Buy from John Lewis & Partners

    7. The Nuna Leaf Rocker – to keep baby occupied when you can’t

    Nuna Leaf Rocker

    Image credit: Nuna

    The Nuna Leaf Rocker is somewhere to put your little one down when you need to put on a load of washing, you want to enjoy dinner whilst it’s still hot, or, if you just want them to have some time on their own. This chair has straps so you can fasten them in, it swings from side to side to rock them to sleep, or you can lock it for feeding time or if you want it to be stationary. It’s also comfortable for them as well as quiet when moving, and it can easily be dissembled for weekends away or storing when guests come round.

    Nuna Leaf Rocker | £160 at John Lewis & Partners
    The Nuna Leaf comes in a range of colours to blend in with your home, while it also has a weight limit of an impressive 60kg. This means your little one can use it from birth to pre-school, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. A small price to pay to keep your child happy…

    Buy from John Lewis & Partners

    8. The Hauck Wooden Highchair – for an easy (and smart) feeding time 

    Hauck Wooden Highchair

    Image credit: Hauck

    This wooden high chair doesn’t just look good – it grows along with your child so they can use it from 6 months to 6 years old. You can buy a newborn set for when they are very little, to make this chair comfortable for their small backs, while it’s height-adjustable to fit in with your dining table. You can also buy an optional tray so that they can feed themselves with ease. Every new parent needs to buy a high chair, so why not spend your money on one that will last for longer than a year?


    Hauck Wooden Highchair | Was £84.99, now £57.88 at Amazon

    This wooden high chair comes in different colours to fit in with your home, while it’s also on sale right now for less than £60 – a bargain! This chair has five adjustable seating positions to suit your little one as they grow, while it’s made from quality beechwood sourced from sustainable forests.


    We hope we have inspired you to tick off a few items on your to-buy-for-baby list.

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