4 geometric craft projects you’ll love

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  • Transform pre-loved pieces and make new from old with our quick and east projects

    Patterned tea towels

    * White tea towels, £1.99 each, Baker Ross
    * Dylon hand dye in Tropical Green, Sunflower Yellow and Goldfish Orange, £2.99 each, Wilko
    * Dylon fabric paint in White, Yellow, Red, Turquoise and Green, £3 each, John Lewis
    * Self-adhesive foam shapes, £2.75 for 180, Baker Ross
    * Milk carton lids

    1. Wash your tea towels and leave damp. Using one colour at a time, dissolve a small amount of dye in 500ml warm water. Add more warm water as per instructions, immerse towel and keep it moving for 5-10 minutes. Aim for it to be slightly darker – it’ll lighten as it dries.

    2. Follow instructions to set the dye. Dry and iron. Mix up pastel colours from the fabric paints: start with a teaspoon of white, adding small amounts of coloured paint. Stick shapes to the lids
    to create stamps. Test on a scrap of fabric.

    3. Print over the tea towel to create your design, leave to dry and iron as per instructions to seal.

    Geometric tray

    * Wooden tray
    * Fine-grade sandpaper
    * Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paint in Heirloom White, £5.49 for 400ml, Amazon
    * Rust-Oleum clear sealer, £4.99 for 125ml, Homebase
    * PVA glue, paper & wallpaper samples
    * Pencil
    * Ruler

    1. Sandpaper the tray to remove old varnish and wipe clean. Coat with two layers of spray paint, leaving to dry between each.

    2. Cut a piece of paper to fit the tray and draw out the design. Cut out each triangle and use
    as a template on the wallpaper samples. Brush PVA glue onto the tray surface and smooth all triangles into place. Press down firmly to remove air bubbles and leave to dry. Paint a layer of sealer on top to protect it.

    Side table

    * Small wooden table, charity shop
    * Fine sandpaper
    * Multi-surface masking tape, £7.59, Frogtape.co.uk
    * Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch spray paints in Flat White, £5.49 for 400ml; Green Apple, £6.98 for 400ml; both Amazon

    1. If possible, remove the legs from the table. If this can’t be done, wrap them with cling film and secure it with tape to protect the wood. Use fine sandpaper to smooth the top of the table and wipe away any dust.

    2. Apply two coats of white spray paint to the top and sides of the table, leaving to dry between coats. Use FrogTape to form an off-centre cross design on the top, wrapping ends of the tape round to the underside. Use more pieces of tape to mark L-shapes in each quarter formed by the cross. Ensure all tape is firmly stuck down.

    3. Spray the sides and top of the table with Green Apple paint, ensuring good coverage. Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes then carefully remove the tape and leave to dry fully. Re-attach the legs or remove the cling film.

    Colourful coasters

    * Impact Glass tiles in various colours, £2.40 each, British Ceramic Tile
    * Washi tape, £3.95 for four, Dotcomgiftshop

    1. Work out which tape looks best with which colour coaster and play around with designs. Try sketching them on paper first if this helps.

    2. To make the pattern shown here, start by sticking tape 1cm in from the edge in a straight line. Trim the ends with scissors and wrap around the back of the tile, then repeat the process on the adjacent edge. Add a different tape design in diagonal lines as shown, right.

    3. Experiment with different designs but try to make sure they join up to create a large geometric pattern when the coasters are grouped together.

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