4 shopping bag ideas to avoid the 5p charge

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  • Avoid the new 5p shopping bag charge with these handy reuseable bag ideas.

    If you’re anything like us growing up your mum would store plastic
    within plastic bags, within more plastic bags. And we’d wonder why on
    earth someone would need that many bags. Now the Government has bought
    in the 5p
    carrier bag charge, we can see they were actually pretty useful! If
    you’re not familiar with the new legislation, retailers with more than
    250 full-time employees are now required to charge 5p for single-use
    carrier bags (there are certain exlcusions see the Government website).

    While many of us have good
    intentions to reuse our shopping bags, we either forget to take
    them to the supermarket in the first place or you leave them in the boot
    of the car and only remember when it comes to paying at the checkout!

    We’ve been looking out for products which make shopping that little bit easier, the only flaw is that it’s down to you to remember to take them food
    shopping in the first place! But if you want to make the weekly food
    shop that little bit easier and save yourself from paying out for
    plastic bags you can’t beat these five ideas.

    1. Shallow Trolley bags,
    £19.99, Lakeland.

    Invest in the four-piece set, which rolls up neatly and hooks onto the trolley
    while you shop. Once you’ve unpacked all your shopping at the checkout,
    simply unroll the Trolley bags and they spread out across your trolley,
    resting on the sides so you have a series of open, upright bags ready to
    load your shopping into. Once back to the car, simply separate each bag
    along the Velcros and load each one individually into the boot. Easy!

    2. Geoff totebag, £14.95, Ohhdeer.com

    Jazz up the food shop with this quirky design featuring Geoff the giraffe. Keep this handy tote folded up in your handbag for those spur of the moment shopping trips.

    3. Eco2 Trolley Dolly, £19.95, Notonthehighstreet.com

    Make shopping easy with this eight-piece set. It contains five polyester shopping bags and two net bags for fruit and veg. The outer pack has handy pockets and a clear window for lists and vouchers and is easy to store your bags until you get to the checkout. No more worrying about your bags breaking if you’re carrying heavy items.

    4. Sabichi Candy Spot shopping bag with wheels, £13.99, Argos

    If the thought of lugging a load of shopping bags around doesn’t appeal to you, this folding shopping trolley is ideal. It folds down into a neat bag for your trip to the supermarket and unfolds easily into a trolley, so you can buy everything you need and easily get it home.

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