7 fun and cheesy buys for British Cheese Week

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  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a brie…?

    Our all-time favourite awareness week is here – yes, hello to you, British Cheese Week!

    British Cheese Week (running until Sunday, 7 June) aims to celebrate the cheesy goodness produced up and down the country, with suppliers and producers offering discounts and local events at shops and farms.

    Naturally, the week couldn’t pass by without a good old public poll and this year Branston (the nice pickle people) set out on a noble quest to find the nation’s favourite cheese.

    Yes it’s…. drum roll please… Cheddar! Closely followed by mozzarella, red Leicester and brie.

    While we would never advocate eating your weight in the smelly stuff in your own personal celebration of the splendid snack (although no judgement, of course…), we would never turn our noses up at a bit of cheese-themed shopping. So here are just a few fun ideas to celebrate the glorious week at home…

    This badger knows where he’s at with his cheese.

    Snap him up for £25 from Jimbobart at Amara. Other animals in the range include squirrels and otters.

    While we’re VERY SERIOUS about cheese, we do love a novelty item, which sums up this fabulous Nacho Cheese candle, £9.49, from Thegiftoasis, very nicely.

    A must-have addition to any cheese fan’s art collection, you can buy this grater linocut print for £12.50 from Hector and Haddock.

    Give a subtle nod to our cheesy friends with this happy chap – the Cheese on Toast brooch, £7, from Etsy.

    We can tell you’re turning your nose up already – but don’t knock these cheesy popcorn treats until you’ve tried them. Flavours available from Joe and Steph’s include blue cheese, goat’s cheese and Irish cheddar. £4 per pouch.

    This grater is, at first glance, a novelty kitchen buy, but the clever
    little case is also pretty handy. The design has two graters, one on
    each side, with a plastic storage body joining the two and a handy
    measuring tool along the side. Briefcase Cheese Grater, £15, from Amara.

    We love this little guy! The ears just finish it off brilliantly and, if you’re all about stylish living, he will fit in perfectly at home. The Mid Century Teak Cheese Board with Cutting Wire and Wooden Mouse – Danish Style costs £24 from Etsy.

    Bit of a foodie? Our ‘love your larder’ guide will be right up your street.

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