Cactus buys for the home to prickle your fancy

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  • The humble cactus, seen everywhere from high-end designers to the high street, is very much the motif of the moment for homeware. Here's our pick of the best buys, and they're all simply succulent...

    We called it at the beginning of the year in our summer 2017 trend predictions, and thanks to the Mexicana trend being so hot right now, the cactus is still the print to be seen at home. We’re embracing the cactus big time – although not quite literally because they are prickly little characters!

    Despite several fruity contenders for this year’s trend title, namely the pineapple and watermelon, this desert native is still our favourite. Not only are real life cacti filling our homes, the cactus print is gracing everything from quirky vases and illustrated textiles to incredibly realistic looking faux plants.

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    Cactus cushion

    Jan Constantine at amara

    A totally new direction for the queen of fabulous felt creations, Jan Constantine, and may we say it’s the right direction indeed for this summer. Hot on the heels of the Mexicana trend this new Fiesta collection has all the right ingredients the create a colourful home with a spicy vibe.

    In addition to the cactus line up featured on the cushion there are emotive phrases and iconic Mexican themed motifs on decorative wall art and soft furnishings. The new black background is the perfect backdrop to bring the vibrant designs to life – a pop of bright carnival colour is spot on for instantly adding happy summer vibes to your home.

    Buy Now: Jan Constantine Fiesta collection, prices start from £86, Amara

    Cactus bedding

    New Look cactus bedding

    Fear not, it’s only a prickly print, there’s nothing uncomfortable about this super soft cotton bedding set. The touch of kitsch is perfect for this fun-loving trend and would be particularly great for a teenager’s bedroom. The cute cactus illustrations sit on a crisp white backdrop to give this bedding set a really fresh feel.

    Buy Now: Cactus Print double duvet set, £27.99, New Look

    Cactus kitchenware

    Ben di Lisi at Debenhams

    Ben di Lisi has gone to town with cacti for his high-summer range for Debenhams. The use of cactus prints in the kitchen is a clever one – there’s something soothing and calming about plant motifs. They evoke a sense of wellness and a feeling of being at at home with nature.

    The kitchen is a great room to introduce real life cacti to, as it’s often the room that leads us to the outside world.

    Buy Now: Cactus Print homeware collection by Ben de Lisi Home at Debenhams

    Cactus pots

    West elm planters

    If you’re using real life cacti and succulents to fully embrace the trend then you’ll need some gorgeous pots to display them in. The trend for hanging plants is going from strength to strength thanks to the resurgence of macramé in recent years.

    These chic metallic pots from West Elm take it up a level, they feel a bit more statement and sophisticated. We love the idea of hanging these beside a window to make that connection with the outdoors, bringing it into the home in a highly decorative way.

    Buy Now: Hanging Metal Planters, £49 each, West Elm

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    Cactus lunchbox

    Dot com gift shop lunch box

    Be the coolest kid (or grown up) around the table with this oh-so-sweet lunch box. Aside from the snazzy exterior it’s a brilliantly clever design, with a handy cutlery compartment hidden in the top and two stacking compartments held securely in place with an elasticated strap. Stylish and practical, what more could you ask for from an everyday accessory?

    Buy Now: Desert In Bloom Adult Bento Box, £8.95, Dotcomgiftshop.

    What will be the next trend in town? We’ve heard that llamas are coming… watch this space!

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