How to make rustic hanging lanterns

Give simple candles the glow factor with our quick and easy guide to making decorative country-style lanterns.

room with hanging lanterns

(Image credit: TBC)

Add candlelit character to any home with these beautiful hanging lanterns simply upcycled from glass yoghurt jars. To make your own, follow this easy step-by-step tutorial put together by Country Homes and Interiors...

You will need:

  • Glass yoghurt jars
  • Decorative cones (we used mini scatter cones, £4.50 for 55, Cox & Cox)
  • Gold bead trim
  • Wire
  • Household candle
  • Rock salt

Step one Remove the label from a glass yoghurt jar, then wash and dry it. Wind a length of wire twice around the neck of the jar so it sits snugly and securely under the rim.

Step two
Cut about 50cm of wire for the handle (they must be long enough to prevent scorching anything above) and thread one end under the wire collar, looping it back up on itself and twisting to secure. Repeat to attach the other end of the handle.

Step three Use more wire to attach decorative cones, twisting several times to hold securely in place. To add a touch of sparkle, embellish with gold bead trim by wrapping it around the wire collar.

Step four
Place a household candle centrally in the jar and pour in salt all round until it's two-thirds full and the candle stands upright on its own. Repeat the process to make as many lanterns as you like and hang them up in a draught-free place.

For a country-inspired styling idea, forage for fallen branches and twigs in unusual shapes or invest in artificial twisted willow sticks (available from all good florists). Arrange them beautifully in a tall floor vase then hang up your decorative lanterns at random. Place the finished display in front of bay windows, or in porches and halls, to greet neighbours and guests with an atmospheric welcome.

NB never leave burning candles unattended.

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