Cushion Queen or candle collector? Which home buys can you never have too many of?

Accessorise your home with these pieces that you can never have too many of...

We live in an age of collectors where anything from Star Wars memorabilia to Dollhouse additions go - so it's not surprising that our collecting ways have entered the interior design domain.

Accessorising a room with candles, cushions and clocks is an easy way of redecorating without the hassle, or the price! So whether you're a trinket fairy or photo frame fanatic, we salute you and are right behind you...

Cute clocks

Some of us love the relaxing tick tock of an antique pendulum or the silent swish of a modern wall hanging. Whether it's astronomical or a simple digital alarm, we're hooked on clocks and cover our walls and windowsills with them.

Cushion Queen

Various shapes, sizes and textures make up your museum of cushions. You've got your sofas, beds and window seats covered in them for any time you fancy a cosy curl up to enjoy a new book or watch an old film.

Lamp lover

Standing tall like soldiers either side of the fireplace or glittering a warm glow at night, lamps are more than a source of light, but a fashionable companion and a true moodsetter.

Mirror mirror on the wall...

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the greatest collector of them all? You have them hanging up in the hallway, bedroom and bathroom plus more tucked away in your draw - mirrors are your go-to item you can never have too many of.

Mad Hatter of mugs

From holiday travels, exclusive collections and celebrated designers - you've got them all. Everyone knows that if they're short of a present idea they can rely on a beautiful cup and saucer to keep you sweet.

Photo frame fanatic

Photos are wasted sitting in albums and old boxes so you would rather have them scattered across every table and spare space around the home. The metals clash, the designs are mixed but they make up beautiful, nostalgic displays.

Throw showstopper

Across the sofa, dog bed, spare room and the master bedroom are blankets and throws. And just in case you run out, you've got another stash of delicate cashmere and faux fur covers in the cupboard.

Trinket set

You're like a magpie in an antique shop when it comes to sparkly trinkets across the home. Boxes are filled with mini jewels in the bedroom and tarnished pots are loaded with cotton buds in the bathroom to add a shabby chic look to every room.

Very nice vases

They may be brimming with a bouquet, the stem of a faux fern or even stand completely bare. Whatever the occasion, you've always got your vases out on display in copper, ceramic and glass.

Candle collector

You can never have too many smells wafting around the house and you find the crackle and flicker of a wick completely captivating whether it's alight on a dark night or sparkling at a summer party.

Doorstop devotee

 You've got large ropey knots in the coastal-inspired room and the door prop goes beyond it's initial service but acts as a charm to complement your floorboards too.

What are you favourite home accessories?


Tamara was Ideal Home's Digital Editor before joining the Woman & Home team in 2022. She has spent the last 15 years working with the style teams at Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home, both now at Future PLC. It’s with these award wining interiors teams that she's honed her skills and passion for shopping, styling and writing. Tamara is always ahead of the curve when it comes to interiors trends – and is great at seeking out designer dupes on the high street.