How to make a comic book chair for your child’s bedroom

Give old furniture a superhero-worthy makeover

Some superheroes save the world by donning an iron suit. Others fight crime by shooting spider webs from their wrists. But we think the ability to transform a plain chair into a cool kids room favourite is just as much of a Marvel (sorry!).

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Furniture Choice has come up with this kick-ass step-by-step on how to use old comic books to give a preloved chair a little more ‘kapow’! It’s a great way to recycle an overflowing comic collection – just make sure you get the owner’s permission first to avoid any Hulk-like tantrums.

How to make a comic book chair

What you’ll need

scissor paint brushes old comics PVA glue materials for making the comic book chair

(Image credit: TBC)
  • An old chair
  • Old comics
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Paint brushes
  • A container to pour the glue in

1. Cut up the comics

cutting the comic book with scissor

(Image credit: TBC)

Grab a pile of old comics and cut out a selection of panels using scissors (or cosmic laser beams). They can be any shape or size as the pieces will be overlaid over each other. You’ll need quite a few, so get snipping!

2. Cover the chair with glue

cover the chair with glue

(Image credit: TBC)

Pour a decent amount of PVA glue into a container – an old plate or bowl is a good choice, as are washed out takeaway cartons. Alternatively, Captain America’s shield would be the right shape!

Using a paintbrush, apply glue to the surface of your chair that you’re planning to cover. This can be done on both metal or wood surfaces. Only cover a small surface to begin with, to avoid the glue drying before you’ve stuck down your pieces.

3. Add the comic pieces

sticking the cut out comic pieces onto the surface coated with glue

(Image credit: TBC)

Start sticking the cut out comic pieces onto the surface coated with glue. Smooth them out with your brush as you work, layering the strips so they overlap and don’t leave any chair showing.

Continue adding layers of glue and comic book pieces until the entire chair is covered. Remember to take your time when working on non-even surfaces.

4. Protect with varnish

protect your new chair from surface damage with a coat of clear varnish

(Image credit: TBC)

Once all areas are covered with the comics, cover with a thin coat of glue to seal your handiwork. When this is completely dry, protect your new chair from surface damage with a coat of clear varnish.

The finished comic book chair

finished comic book chair

(Image credit: TBC)

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You’re finished quicker than Thanos can click his fingers!

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