How to make bunting – a fun and playful way to brighten up your space

Turn scraps of fabric into a pretty decoration with our quick and easy craft idea for making bunting

Want to learn how to make bunting? Bunting is the perfect way to liven up your alfresco dining area or add a fun touch to your child’s room. It’s pretty, playful, and can be made with different fabrics and patterns to suit any occasion.

Trail bunting around a wrought iron bed for some chic country style, or pin it to a row of shelving in a home office to brighten up the room. Hang it around the garden for a real British summertime feel, ready for those barbecues and picnics in the sunshine.

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How to make bunting

Image credit: Alun Callender

It couldn’t be easier to make, plus it’s a fun activity for all the family. We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide to show you the ropes. So choose your fabric and let’s go…

You will need:

  •  Fabric
  • 13mm-wide bias binding tape
  • Pinking shears
  • Needle and thread
How to make bunting

Image credit: Alun Callender

How to make bunting

Step 1: Draw a triangle on some cardboard and cut it out to use as a bunting template. You may prefer longer, narrower triangles, or shorter, wider ones. The choice is up to you!

Step 2: Pin the template to your fabric and cut around it using pinking shears to avoid fraying. Repeat until you have enough flags for your desired bunting length.

Step 3: Evenly space the flags along the bias binding tape, folding the shortest edge over, and pin in place securely ready to sew.

Step 4: Sew on the flags with a straight stitch, leaving at least 40cm of tape free from flags at each end for hanging your bunting proudly on display.

how to make bunting

Image credit: Alun Callender

There you have it, your very own handmade bunting! Now you can try using different patterns and fabrics, adding ribbing to the bunting, or accessorising the triangles with letters and shapes. Personalised bunting makes great gifts – why not try sewing someone’s name on to the triangles, or creating your own ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting?

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