How to make natural materials chic

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  • Integrating natural materials into your home shouldn’t just conjure up scenes of sheepskins in country kitchens, because they can be made so much more modern than that. Here’s how…

    1, Show off imperfections and details

    As great as marble and granite are for kitchen surfaces, we love this use of volcanic stone is. Despite original fossils and veining remaining on show, the effect is overall very modern and fresh – perfect for a home which wants to celebrate natural materials, but still stay firmly on the side of now.

    2, Turn a delicate material into something strong

    This ultra-modern staircase design not only adds lights and space to this area, but shows off the simplicity of the glass – both in terms of the banisters and the lighting. It’s a how-to in making something as seemingly fragile and delicate as glass a big, bold statement in your home.

    3, Use it to add a chic sense of texture to a room

    The natural fibres of linen and cotton add texture to huge effect in a modern home such as this one, while creating shapes and shadows with their gently creasing appearance. The best part? It looks great in nearly any shade, so can make your palette without a hassle or worry of some undesired clashing.

    4, Combine modern shapes with traditional materials

    We love the solid marble basins in this bathroom which show off their natural veins and undulating patterns within the strong modern rectangular shape they’re cut into. These basins are from Italian marble specialist Kreoo, which is a good place to start for some chic, bespoke units.

    5, Remember the basics

    How could we leave out paper?! We may be living in a digital age, but an at-home library is just as desired as ever. For the ultimate in cool, try using modular bookshelves like these so you can change the shapes and styles as the room develops. A flatscreen in the centre also makes this paper-filled room very much of this century.

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