Make a photo cushion

Add a personal touch to your bedroom with this customised cushion

Want to learn how to transfer your favourite family snaps onto a plain cushion? Follow these three simple steps for personalising your sofa or bedroom, as shown by Style at Home

You will need:

Measuring tape & pins

Fabric scissors & iron

White cotton fabric

Black & white photograph

A4 transfer paper

Sewing machine

Cushion pad (30cm x 40cm), £5, John Lewis

Step one

Measure and cut one 30cm x 40cm, and two 25cm x 40cm pieces of white fabric. Set the two smaller pieces aside. Print the photo onto a sheet of transfer paper (if the image has any text in it, flip it before printing).

Step two

Cut around the edge of the printed photo and place face down onto the 30cm x 40cm piece of fabric. Iron on a hot setting and allow to cool. Peel off the backing paper.

Step three

Hem along one 40cm side of each of the smaller pieces of fabric. Lay them on top of the printed fabric, with hemmed sides overlapping, right sides together, and pin in place. Sew all the way around. Turn the cushion cover out and pop the cushion pad inside.

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