Modern heating systems: stylish ways to heat your home

Looking to replace your out-of-date radiators or traditional woodburner with something more sleek, hi-tech and efficient? Then these modern heating systems are the perfect option

As the seasons change, so too does the temperature. The best time to check or replace your heating system is in the summer, so why not consider an update, too? Thanks to recent heating innovations, from wall-mounted woodburners and dual-aspect gas fires to designer radiators and chic towel warmers, you can make a style statement while saving money at the same time.

Fire it up!
A fireplace is often the focal point of a lounge and can help to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. What's more, contemporary designs are energy-efficient and cost-effective.

A modern woodburning stove not only looks beautiful, but it's super efficient as well. You can decrease the oxygen feed for a slow burn or increase it for a fast and furious flame, such as this design from Yeoman. Either way, the logs last longer and the heat output is substantial, making it an affordable way to heat your home.

black stove

(Image credit: Yeoman)

CL5 Highline stove, 4.9kW, £1,449, Yeoman

If you're more about aesthetics, a gas or electric fireplace, or even an open fire, is the perfect choice for you. Inexpensive to run and easy to install, they offer the look of a woodburner without the mess. Glass-fronted dual-aspect gas fires evoke loft living in an open-plan space, while Scandinavian-inspired freestanding stoves add drama.

Alternatively, if you're after an innovative heating system, have a look at ones that use bio ethanol fuel, such as these designs from Go Modern Furniture. It's a great option if you enjoy the look of real flames and the convenience of portability.

cocoon vellum bioethanol fire

(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

Cocoon Vellum Bioethanol Fire, £2100, Go Modern Furniture

atlantic bioethanol fire

(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

Atlantic Bioethanol Fire, £1790, Go Modern Furniture

Red-hot radiators
Radiators make a significant difference to home comfort and have stood the test of time. Over the past 15 years, radiator technology has changed dramatically, especially in performance. But just because radiators are essential, it doesn't mean they can't be stylish, too.

This designer style will make a stunning focal point and is almost a piece of art in its own right.

alide radiator anthracite

(Image credit: Frontline Bathrooms)

Alide Radiator Anthracite, £365, Frontline Bathrooms

A well-placed vertical radiator can create a real style statement - and it's a great space saver, too.

bathroom with Savy Radiator

(Image credit: Frontline Bathrooms)

Savy Radiator, £400, Frontline Bathrooms

Feeling brave? Go for a design in a bold colour that screams look-at-me. This towel warmer is inspired by rhythm, fusing essential lines into a decorative form. It will be a conversation starter, that's for sure.

funky radiator

(Image credit: MHS Radiators)

Funky radiator, MHS Radiators

Don't want to break from tradition? Turn heads with this stainless steel horiztonal design. The polished lines give a chic update on the classic design and will look striking in a modern interior.

arturo radiator

(Image credit: MHS Radiators)
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