Stop the clocks

5 stylish clocks to make you feel better about losing an hour in bed

The times, they are a-changing... no, really, they are. This weekend's Spring Equinox means that spring is officially here, but that does come at a price; we might get longer days and gradually rising temperatures, but all most of us focus on is the loss of an hour's sleep.

Don't take your sleep deprivation out on the clock, though. We've hunted out 5 top timepieces to help you start your day in a positive way.

merry-go-round x clock

(Image credit:

If you're looking for a gentle whimsical wake-up, the Merry-Go-Round X Clock by Haoshi Design could be the one for you. This decorative design turned our ideas about time-telling around, as the figures move around the carousel, as the seconds tick by. Not great if you're in a rush, perhaps, but a more gentle focus than Facebook when you first open your eyes!

Merry-Go-Round X Clock, £95,

newgate red fred alarm clock

(Image credit: Amara)

Get up and start your sun salutations with an eye on this playful little timepiece. With its glowing, coloured casing, this bedside clock emanates Good-Day-Sunshine vibes, meaning it's a great object to set your sights on first thing each day. Rise, shine and stretch...

Newgate Red Fred Alarm Clock, £20.40, Amara

wall clock organiser

(Image credit: Next)

You might have lost an hour, but hey, look at all the fun plans you have for the month ahead! Distract yourself with this clock/wall organiser, which takes your mind off lamenting lost time by placing the focus firmly on the good times to come. What's not to love?

Wall Clock Organiser, £65, Next

blush dawn sun clock

(Image credit: Liberty)

Charting the progress from sunrise to sunset on this graduating clock face will give you a rosy view of the world, we think. And if the soft tonal differences are not enough to take your attention away from where the hands are pointing, think about how it was made - via an original tanning method, which exposed the leather face of the clock to different intensities of sun exposure. How's that for procrastination?

Blush Dawn Sun Clock, £130, Liberty

leff amsterdam block alarm clock in copper

(Image credit: Rockett St George)

Never be late with this compact (but luxurious) block clock - the movement has all the quiet efficiency we expect of German design and Japanese technology. No irritatingly loud ticking stopping you from enjoying that extra 10-minute snooze, so when you do finally accept it's time to get up, you're in a far better mood.

Leff Amsterdam Block Alarm Clock in Copper, £55, Rockett St George



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