The new navy – how to decorate with dark blue in style

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  • It's navy, but not as you've seen it before

    Thought you’d seen all navy has to give? Then think again and give your blues and update with these on-trend decorating ideas.

    1. Get layering

    To bring depth to a space, use navy as a base and add in dashes of very dark and very pale blue to accentuate your chosen shade. Layers of weathered textiles and the stormy patterned wall panel here play with shadow, casting a light on the rich, dramatic palette.

    2. A new way with water

    Nautical stripes and oceanic scenes – it’s time to wave aside standard water-themed decorating schemes. Get creative with a runner, carpet or rug and craft an inky pool of water cascading down the stairs or through the house.

    3. Go luxe

    A luxurious, plush texture is an elegant finishing touch to any space and works especially well in dark shades. In this navy blue dressing room the jewel tones on the thick velvet ottoman highlight the depth of the navy that surrounds it – cushions or throws also work just as well.

    4. Think organic

    Natural shapes like the undulating pattern on this painted blue and white wall and the gentle curves on the modern white sofa create a serene, relaxing space. Adding lashings of white to the navy scheme makes a palette reminiscent of the Mediterranean, while geometric materials like the sofa cushions and inky rug add a modern twist.

    5. Head to the jungle

    Set the scene with a pictorial, detailed wallpaper like this palm pattern. The jungle print wall is transformed by its navy colouring, creating a dark, edgy vibe. Layer in other textures like the crocodile-style lower wall and the luxe silk bedding, for a glamourous midnight-in-the-Amazon feel.

    6. Add some shine

    Metallic highlights add instant oomph to a dark room. The high-shine copper dining chairs, stool and tableware make this blue dining room zing, bouncing light off the modern white table around the pattern blue walls and black flooring like jewellery completing an outfit.


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