Ways to display your Christmas Cards

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  • Running out of space on the mantelpiece to display your Chrimbo cards? Take inspiration from some of these great alternative ideas.

    Christmas card season is upon us. Each day brings a new flurry being posted through the door, from old and new friends and family, constantly reminding you that it’s time to send out yours too! At first they get lined up along the mantelpiece, but you soon find yourself running out of space. Or perhaps you don’t have a mantelpiece so from the off are trying to think of an inspiring way to display your cards. Well look no further than the below ideas to make sure each and every card takes pride of place in your home.


    If you’re short on space, but still want to display your cards together, then making a feature of them layered up in a wicker hamper will allow you show off the prettiest ones but still keep them altogether. Intertwine with lights and ribbons for a twinkling display.


    Either use a pin board with a pretty frame and pin each card in a random, layered fashion or tie string across the frame and peg each card in a line to the string. The frames can then be lent on a shelf, mantelpiece or ledge and work in any sizes. You can even have one in each room and colour code your cards to match a room or scheme.


    Ribbon of all widths and colours can be hung pretty much anywhere, whether its along the banisters, from the back of doors or just along a spare bit of wall. From there you can either staple, paper clip or peg your cards onto the ribbon, either in a neat, organised fashion, or more loosely and angled. Tying cute bows at the top of each ribbon length also adds to the look.


    If you’re able to forage a fallen branch, or even just a few twigs, arranged in a vase or jar, they then become the perfect place to hang your Christmas cards from with pretty ribbons or twine.
    Or if the twigs are slim enough, use mini pegs to attached each card and then hang mini decorations in between each one too.


    Wire ring card holders are a great way to create a wreath of cards that can they be hung from a door or propped up on a shelf. Just slot your cards between each wire shape, and either layer up the cards crossing over each other, or leave space between so you can see each card in full. A few hung together looks really effective and a great alternative to a fresh wreath.


    Using blue tac, washi tape or masking tape, attach your Christmas cards to the wall or door in a triangle shape, replicating a Christmas tree. Try to use smaller cards at the top, getting progressively larger in size towards the bottom. Place a cut out star or star decoration at the top of the display to really give it that Christmas tree feel.


    Using a wire card holder means you only need a shallow space to place it, and then its super easy to display your cards in varying heights and shapes. Put smaller ones in the middle, larger ones at the back and the rest can be placed alongside and in front. It can also be used again for birthdays, and other celebrations through-out the year.


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