This DIY matchbox hack strikes the balance between practical and pretty - and it costs less than £10

Sustainable and chic - what more could you want?

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We're always on the lookout for nifty home projects that are not only affordable but also pretty - and this DIY matchbox hack definitely fits the bill. 

Let's face it, unless you invest in expensive matches donned in a glass jar, the usual cardboard packages or rechargeable lighters aren't something you want on display. And if, like me, you're drawn to showcasing nick-nacks on the surfaces around your living room or bedroom, this hack is the perfect chance to add interest to your home. 

While this is a great chance to buy a new little ceramic pot from a local maker, it's also a prime opportunity to reuse candle jars, by simply sticking a matchbox label on the bottom. The effect? A homemade matchbox that is equal parts practical and cool. 

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(Image credit: Future/Neale Smith)

How to achieve the DIY matchbox hack

Easy DIY projects are our favourite type of ideas, as time, energy and money are precious resources that we don't want to waste. Luckily, this is one of the most simple hacks out there as all it involves is purchasing match striker stickers, and popping them onto any jar you have available.  

Interior blogger, Kate Spiers, showcased her well-dressed living room shelves filled with empty Diptyque candle jars (the official cool-girl status symbol) and handmade pots, before turning them into functional match strikers.  

All you need in order to transform your empty candle jars into nifty little matchstick holders is to purchase a sheet of sticky matchstrikers and get sticking! The best part is they're under £10 and come with multiple stickers so you can use them around your home.


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We also love the idea of using this as an affordable gift idea. Whether it's for a budget Secret Santa present or a treat for a friend who loves decorating their home with the best candles, it's a great way of sprucing up an otherwise simple gift. 

Plus, you can make it personal to suit each person. Maybe they have a penchant for vintage glassware that you can turn into a dedicated matchbox or they love displaying a specific candle brand - it will feel custom-made without costing the earth.  

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Depending on the shape and size of the jar you want to turn into a match striker, there will be different sticker shapes to choose from. However, we love how these round stickers sit perfectly on the bottom of candle jars. 

If you want to use already empty jars then this is an even simpler project, but if you're looking at upcycling old candles then you'll want to ensure all of the wax has been cleaned out. This is quick to do by pouring hot water into the jar and then waiting until it cools to remove the wax that has floated to the surface. 

Regardless of which receptible you choose, and whether it's a gift or not, there's no doubt that this DIY matchbox hack will be a firm favourite for making your very own candle station and sprucing up your home decor. 

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