Create a Fornasetti-style plate gallery wall with this genius Instagram hack

This fun Instagram hack lets you create a designer-style gallery wall of decorative plates

A pink cupboard with a pink-painted wall displaying a decorative plate gallery wall
(Image credit: Maisie Violet Rees @maisieviolet_rees)

Did somebody say upcycling project? Because we’re down for any DIY ideas, and not just during Second Hand September. As long as they serve a purpose and look the part, of course. And this genius and fun Instagram hack about a particular plate display idea certainly does both.

The reel was posted by Maisie Violet Rees (@maisieviolet_rees), interior stylist and content creator sharing everything to do with budget DIY and upcycling hacks, most of which are renter-friendly too. Her latest video sees Maisie recreating popular decorative Fornasetti plates on a budget, putting together an inspired gallery wall idea. So if you are a fan of the designer Fornasetti plates but can’t quite afford or justify £160 (minimum) for a single piece, then keep reading (and watching!) to find out how to get a Fornasetti-style plate gallery wall of your own.

A plate gallery wall against a pink wall

(Image credit: Maisie Violet Rees @maisieviolet_rees)

What you’ll need

One of the great things about this project is that it’s an upcycling idea that takes less than one hour. It’s super quick and easy but really fun and impactful at the same time.

Maisie’s Insta reel starts with her trip to a charity shop where she picks up a few differently sized white plates for as little as 50p or £1 each, all of which were in great condition. You can use some of your old plates that you no longer use, as long as they are not chipped, scratched and damaged.

Next, you will need to print out your collage sheet, whether you choose to use Maisie’s provided free template or create your own, on a waterslide decal paper. Then cut out your images and wet the cut-out in a bowl of water.

Decorative plate gallery wall against a pink wall

(Image credit: Maisie Violet Rees @maisieviolet_rees)

Place the stencil exactly where you want it to go on the plate and then pull off the bottom layer of the player, while the top layer will stick to the plate. It looks and feels so satisfying!

‘I love being able to create luxury looking things on a budget and these charity shop plate upcycles are a great example,’ Maisie says. ‘I can’t say I’m very good at drawing or painting so when I saw these photo transfers I thought they’d be perfect for re-creating some gorgeous plates I’d seen, but were WAY out of my budget. You can print any image on the paper and it takes seconds to transfer. I’ve transformed plates, tea pots and plant pots, nothing is safe now!’

Let the plates dry and then decide where you want to hang your plates using the perfect gallery wall measurements. Once you decide on a layout, you can use the same adhesive wall-hanging plate discs.

You’ll be left with a show-stopping display that cost you about £30. You’re welcome!

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