Kimberley Walsh says paying someone to do this DIY job 'just doesn't make sense'

The former Girls Aloud star says she'd never hire someone to do this home renovation task

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Kimberley Walsh has teamed up with Wickes to celebrate the home improvement store's 50th anniversary. When we sat down with the pop star turned DIY lover, she mentioned that there's one project she'd simply never hire someone to do.

The Girls Aloud star is always encouraging people to have the confidence to embrace easy DIY projects, and argues that a lot of jobs seem far more overwhelming than they are in reality. This is definitely the case when it comes to how to paint a room – which Kimberley says anybody can do.

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'To pay someone to paint a room when you can easily do it yourself just doesn't make sense to me,' the singer and TV presenter tells us on a call from her Surrey home. She points out that there are loads of tips and tricks on how to paint walls on YouTube. 

'Just make sure you prep properly and tape everywhere up, it makes it so much easier,' she continues. 'And then it just makes it feel so much more rewarding because with paint you can literally turn a room around in a day.'

Also, when you're decorating your own home, you're going to give it lots of care and attention to detail, so you may as well save your money on hiring a decorator, and spend it on something else, Kimberley adds.

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Make sure you know how to clean paint brushes properly so they're ready for the next time you'll need them. 

During our conversation, Kimberley admits that she's obsessed with doing like Challenge Anneka and often tries to complete a decorating project in one day, while her husband tries to convince her that they don't need to rush.

'I'm like yeah but we can! We can get it all done in one day! It'll be a massive achievement! But I'm a bit of a weirdo like that.'

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It's tempting to just go in all guns blazing, and you can still get a good result, but it just might not last as well. So whether giving a room a fresh lick of the best white paint to brighten things up or trying an on-trend scallop wall feature, the better you prep, the better the end result will be. 

It can feel daunting, but Kimberley recommends dedicating a morning or day to get those DIY jobs done, and with the Bank Holiday around the corner, we're not taking any excuses. We spoke to Kimberley as part of her work with Wickes.

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