Stacey Solomon's DIY giant cupcake initially had fans 'not convinced' – but we stand corrected

It's the definition of 'trust the process'

Stacey Solomon
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It doesn't take a genius to know that Stacey Solomon has a knack for all things DIY. She would rather get her hands dirty instead of paying a premium – and her new giant cupcake creation is yet another project to add to her DIY repertoire.

Stacey has once again knocked it out of the park with this easy DIY project that is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Better yet, it was achieved by reusing and upcycling materials as inconspicuous as a plastic bin and pipe insulation.

Following the Sort Your Life Out star's controversial DIY giant Christmas bells failure which ensued last December, some fans were sceptical and even confessed that they were 'not convinced' at the beginning of Stacey's video. However, in a surprising turn of events (and a lot of filler), what resulted was the cutest giant cupcake we've ever seen.

Impressive, right? If there's anyone who can turn a plastic bin and pipe insulation into something as magnificent and OTT as a supersized cupcake, it's nobody other than Stacey Solomon. Paired with her most recent DIY flower cloud ceiling, the entire display is giving the Spring vibes we desperately need right now.

In the caption, Stacey writes that she's been eyeing up the idea of making a giant cupcake for 'ages' with the intention to reuse and switch it up for all sorts of occasions, from birthdays, Christmas, and even upcoming Easter decorating ideas.

Of course, fans are just as obsessed as us, too. 'When I tell you I was NOT CONVINCED... but this is absolutely incredible,' begins one. 'You can literally turn a bin into a beautiful cupcake.' Another fan writes, 'Ok this is so extra, like extra AF but I am so here for it.'

Some fans even went so far as to suggest the idea of turning future giant cupcakes into a playful DIY storage idea – something we can certainly get behind.

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While a plastic bin and pipe insulation may be rogue choices for DIY materials, Stacey explains that she used these things specifically as she 'wanted to make it as cost effectively as possible'.

The bin was £10, a pack of 10 pipe insulation was £18, and everything else she already had from leftover DIY projects. This included filler, pink paint, and spray paint. She even used straws and pom poms to decorate the cake's icing. This brought the total cost of this project to just £28.

So, while we may have had our own reservations from the start of seeing Stacey's latest DIY endeavour, we're fully prepared to eat our words. Fair play, Stacey.

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