Stacey Solomon’s DIY flower cloud ceiling is the ultimate ode to spring, and we’re obsessed

It’s easy to replicate at home, too

Stacey Solomon
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Stacey Solomon doesn’t shy away from getting her hands dirty, especially when decorating Pickle Cottage and planning rainy-day activities with her children. Her latest creation? A stunning floral display for her daughter’s birthday. 

Of course, when Stacey wowed followers with her Harry Potter-inspired enchanted ceiling back in November, we thought we’d seen all of the ceiling decorations that this nifty DIY-er had in her locker. But Stacey has since taken to Instagram to show off the clever way she’s repurposed her old design, and it’s the perfect ode to spring.. and her daughter.

Stacey Solomon DIY flower cloud ceiling 

Stacey has made no secret of her love for tablescaping over the years, but she’s taken dining room decorations to the next level in recent months. Decorating above the table itself, she’s lifted up her aesthetic and focused her attention on the ceiling. And it’s safe to say that fans are obsessed.

To mark her daughter’s February birthday, Stacey has shared her ‘Flower Display Of Love’ with her followers - and she plans to make these ceiling decorations a regular occurrence. But what we love most about this romantic design is that it’s easy to recreate at home for those looking for a budget Valentine’s decorating idea or a spring tablescape

Margaret Larson, from Sustainable Furniture, says, ‘Stacey's hanging flower decoration is perfect for making an eye-catching and vibrant focal point on a small budget. The decorative feature can be easily made at home with minimal tools and equipment, so even less skilled homeowners should be fine.’

‘As the decoration is hanging, it doesn’t take up valuable floor space, which makes it perfect for smaller homes where you may struggle to incorporate large centrepieces.’

Stacey achieved the stunning look by hanging a rolled-up piece of chicken wire (with what we assume to be fishing wire) to the permanent hooks on her ceiling. She then pushed faux flower stems into the wire, switching between beautiful red and pink roses and pink hydrangeas. 

With all of the flowers in place, she revealed the result: a blossoming cloud of flowers that seemed to float effortlessly from the ceiling. 

colourfully painted glass milk bottles filled with flowers

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Of course, Stacey already had most of this infrastructure in place before starting this easy DIY project. She wrote, ‘I decided to put some permanent hooks into the ceiling joists & make a little hanging table centrepiece. I loved having Harry Potter above the table so much, but after Christmas, it went straight to Leighton and the space felt empty 😂 So now I can switch this up with the seasons.’

This is good news for those who want to recreate this look in their own house, as we have no doubts that Stacey’s next seasonal ceiling creation will be just as inspiring. But what if you don’t have the means to screw permanent hooks into your ceiling? 

Well, don’t worry. There’s an easy way to recreate floating this look in a renter-friendly fashion. By sticking Command hooks to the ceiling, you can avoid any unnecessary holes or damage and still create the same effect. You just need to make sure that you stick to the weight restrictions of these products so it doesn’t fall down. 

If you’re planning a heavier above-table decoration and don’t think these command hooks will be strong enough, you could also use something like this Ginger Ray Table Clamp from Lakeland or this Adjustable Black Metal Over Table Hanging Rack Rail from Amazon.

Wreath in pink living room

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Just remember that using chicken wire can be a little tricky, especially when working with it for the first time. Our Content Editor, Holly Cockburn, has recently experienced the fiddly nature of this material. 

'I tried to create a Christmas garland on my fireplace using chicken wire, but it was a lot more challenging than I anticipated. I rolled the chicken wire so that it sat on top of the mantelpiece in a sausage-like shape, however, I think lying it flat would have been more beneficial,' she said.

'I also used faux flowers which had thick stems, and this made it tricky to bend into the chicken wire and granted me limited flexibility. I would recommend using real flowers so that you can mould more easily, or faux flowers with thin, bendable stems you can trim to size.' 

So, that's something to think about if you're planning on recreating Stacey's floating ceiling yourself. 

Get the look

We can’t wait to see what Stacey does with her ceiling next! 

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