TikToker shares a genius hack for painting wall edges - it’s a must-have product for DIY

Looking for a way to help with painting the edges of your walls? We've got a tool for you

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If you’re anything like us, you might have started to use TikTok as a stand-in search engine recently, especially when it comes to queries around the house. 

Chances are, if you’re wondering it, someone on TikTok has answered it, and if you’ve been searching for how to paint a wall, or more specifically how to paint the edges of walls, then we’ve found just the hack, and product, for you.

Usually, when it comes to learning how to cut in paint, decorator's tape is the way to go, with the removal of the tape at the end of the process meaning you should achieve a nice clean finish.

But if you find that using tape gets you in a bit of a tizz, or you just want to speed up your DIY day, then there’s a genius buy for £15 that might help you out. 

The hack to help paint edges of walls  

In the first video, Sarah from Bourn to Create shares her secret weapon for painting corners and edges, which you can pick up from Amazon for just £15.05.


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As Sarah shares, a paint edger can be a great tool for DIY, once you get to grips with how to properly use it. In essence, it’s a small plastic tool with two guide wheels and a pad that you can apply paint to - you then run down the edge of your wall to create clean lines next to your door, window, or in corners easily. 

Problems can arise if you're not completely comfortable with using the paint edger, which is why this TikTok from The Daily DIY is excellent for helping you to get the most from this inexpensive tool.

Shur-line Premium Ceiling & Trim Paint Edger 500ZS | £15.05 at Amazon

Shur-line Premium Ceiling & Trim Paint Edger 500ZS | £15.05 at Amazon
Your days of painstakingly applying tape to walls during DIY could be over with this handy paint tool, with wheels for making clean lines much easier to achieve. 

The video is packed full of tips to help you get the most from your paint edger, including using a lint roller to keep the pad free from specks of dirt that could spell trouble on your walls and blotting the pad to make sure that you’re not applying too much paint at once.

It’s important that you keep the tiny wheels on the edger moving too by making sure that paint doesn’t get into the grooves, as otherwise, you won’t get the same fluid movement that creates the clean effect. The TikToker from the video recommends using a wet cloth to do any cleaning up as necessary.

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Once you’ve used the edger, it’s essential to take care of the outer edge fairly quickly so that you get a good blend with the rest of your wall too. That’s where your larger roller will come in and then you can get on with painting the rest of your wall. 

If you’re in the midst of renovations, this £15 buy might be just the thing to help your DIY look ultra-professional and save you from hours of painstaking tape application and removal. Sounds like a win-win to us! 

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