8 best indoor trees to help you nail TikTok's popular forestcore trend

Looking for the best indoor trees to display around your home? Here's what the experts have to say...

Sofa with cream and brown cushions, coffee table, olive tree in a basket on a wooden verandah deck outside a white wood clad house.
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Indoor trees are having a moment. If you've been busy sifting through an overflowing list of living room ideas – or, more specifically, living room plant ideas – then you'll undoubtedly have already stumbled across the forestcore concept. 

All about transforming your home into a woodland paradise, this nature-inspired aesthetic has amassed more than 160 million views on TikTok (and counting). And it has left more than a few of us desperate to source the best indoor trees, so that we can nail this oh-so-zen living room trend in absolute style.

So, what are the best indoor trees? We reached out to some gardening experts and combined their advice with our own expert know-how to find out...

The best indoor trees

Of course, the term forestcore is pretty self-explanatory: it is all about recreating the feeling of being in a forest (or surrounded by nature) in your home. 

As such, it is one of the most simple living room ideas out there for breathing new life into your home... almost literally, when you think about the clean air that comes hand-in-hand with a room full of beautiful houseplant ideas.

With that in mind, then, here are the best indoor trees to help you nail that forestcore look (and give your TikTok and Instagram views a boost in the process).

1. Olive tree

An olive tree sits in the corner of a dining room, with a corner sofa and wooden chairs

(Image credit: Heather Young/Future Owns)

'Olive trees are Mediterranean, so tend to prefer warmer, sunnier environments,' says Christopher O'Donoghue, one of the co-directors of Gardens Revived

'They are, then, one of the best indoor trees around – just be sure to pop it near a south-facing window, keep the soil moist (but don't overwater it), and prune regularly.'

Christopher adds: 'Please do your homework, though, and don't expect that you'll be plucking olives off your tree regularly. Most varieties need to cross-pollinate, so won't be able to do so themselves.'

Olive Tree 35L | £145 at Homebase

Olive Tree 35L | £145 at Homebase

If you are looking to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your home, this well-established olive tree is ideal. 

2. Pachira aquatica

Pachira aquatica (Guiana Chestnut or Money tree) in a white flower pot on the wooden table isolated on a light green background

(Image credit: Alamy)

'Pachira aquatica are great indoor trees as they are easy-going and fast growing,' say the team at green rooms, 'so even if you buy them when young to save some money, they will soon become a large focal point of your interior.

'They are native to the swamps of central and south America so can tolerate a bit of overwatering, although they prefer to be watered once the top inch of soil has dried out. They will tolerate lower light levels, but will grow quicker in bright indirect light, out of direct sun. 

'Their tropical aesthetic means they are the perfect addition to your list of modern living room ideas, too.'

Pachira Aquatica | £35 at Green Rooms

Pachira Aquatica | £35 at Green Rooms

Known in some cultures as Money Trees, these indoor trees are extremely easy to care for and a great way to introduce different textures and shapes to your plant collection. 

3. Fig tree

A traditional fig tree in a blue pot, sitting in a minimalist home

(Image credit: Getty)

‘The fig tree is a versatile plant that grows very happily indoors, although I would recommend opting for a small or dwarf variety, as they can grow up to 18ft tall outside,' says Andrew O’Donoghue of Gardens Revived

‘Most are self-pollinating, too, so you should get some nutrient-rich figs from your tree eventually. So, to help yours thrive, be sure to give it at least 6 hours of indirect light every day, keep your soil moist but not waterlogged, and give it a feed every so often with a slow-release or liquid fertiliser. 

‘And don’t forget to prune it regularly, too.’

Weeping Fig | from £18.74 at Primrose

Weeping Fig | from £18.74 at Primrose

Part of the ornamental fig family, this graceful indoor tree is a timeless classic (honestly, it has been a popular addition to our homes since Victorian times!).

4. Ficus elastica abidjan

Ficus elastica abidjan in a woven pot against a neutral background

(Image credit: green rooms)

'Another quick grower, we really rate this rubber plant with lovely dark green shiny leaves,' say the green rooms team.

'This ficus elasica is great for those time-poor plant parents, as it likes to be watered only once the soil is dry. Just stick your finger far down into the soil to check its dry before watering, and remember that the leaves will also start to droop a little downwards when its time to water. 

'It likes bright light out of direct sun, and be sure to keep the leaves dust-free so it can get the most from the light and stay looking lovely.'

Large Ficus Rubber Plant | £28 at M&S

Large Ficus Rubber Plant | £28 at M&S

The glossy dark green leaves on this large ficus tree (aka your future plant baby) will add a fresh feel to any room in your home.

5. Chamaedorea elegans

Chamaedorea elegans sat in a pot beside a fireplace

(Image credit: Alamy)

Trying to figure out how to make a small living room look bigger. Then add some height and draw the eye upwards with a classic parlour palm. They are ideal for the least green-fingered among us, as they can withstand sporadic watering and low-light conditions.

Better still? These truly are some of the best indoor trees for forestcore fanatics, as they're safe for your beloved pets to be around, too. Good news for my rescue dog...

Chamaedorea Elegans | £12.99 at Amazon

Chamaedorea Elegans | £12.99 at Amazon

This chic indoor tree is ideal for smaller spaces, but it will absolutely grow like mad. Be sure to repot as and when needed.

6. Lemon tree

A lemon tree sat beside a pale yellow sofa

(Image credit: Getty)

'Lemon trees adapt really well to indoor conditions,' promises Christopher, adding that, while they may not reach the same size as an outdoor lemon tree, they will still look absolutely stunning (and even produce fruit!).

'These little trees need a lot of sun,' he cautions, 'so pop it somewhere it can bask for 6-8 hours a day. And make sure to keep it warm, too: you don't want it sitting in any drafts or cold spots, especially overnight.'

2-3ft 4 Seasons Lemon Tree | £59.99 at Primrose

2-3ft 4 Seasons Lemon Tree | £59.99 at Primrose

With its glossy green leaves and golden yellow fruits, this remarkable indoor tree is guaranteed to become the envy of all your friends and neighbours in no time.

7. Bay Laurel


(Image credit: Crocus)

This indoor tree is another little sunshine lover, but it's a beautiful way to inject some forestcore chic into your home. Better still, you can use its leaves to season soups, stews and pasta sauces, so it's a really useful little kitchen aid, too.

Just be sure to pop it in light for 6-8 hours a day, and keep up a moderate watering schedule. Again, avoid overwatering, as this one's roots are likely to rot if the soil conditions get too boggy.

Laurus nobilis | from £127.49 at Crocus

Laurus nobilis | from £127.49 at Crocus

This elegant evergreen bay laurel is available in two sizes, which means you can select the aromatic indoor tree that best fits your space.

8. Howea forsteriana (Kentia palm)

A Howea forsteriana (Kentia palm) sat in a woven pot against a neutral backdrop

(Image credit: green rooms)

'This indoor tree adds a really quick jungle look to an interior space,' promises the team at green rooms. Honestly, the Howea forsteriana is a really popular palm for its easy-going nature, requiring little attention for it to grow quickly.

'Bright light, out of direct sun will keep this palm happy, along with watering once the soil feels dry.'

Kentia Palm in 24cm pot | £52 at B&Q

Kentia Palm in 24cm pot | £52 at B&Q

The lush foliage on this Howea fosteriana is a guaranteed crowd pleaser (and even more so because it's a doddle to care for).

Whichever of these indoor trees you choose for your forestcore aesthetic, just remember to show them some love and attention. 

After all, this trend is all about escaping into nature., not having it want to escape from you.  Help your plants to thrive, and you're guaranteed a gorgeous greenery-filled home!

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