How a dip tank pool transformed this garden into the ultimate summer oasis

It's oftentimes that the best projects are created as a result of a happy accident

Back garden space with dip tank
(Image credit: Annabelle Rogers)

As the weather warms up, there's nothing quite as refreshing as a dip in the pool – in this particular case, a dip tank pool – and as far as garden trends are concerned, dip tank pools are certainly something we ought to start shouting about.

In this charming garden makeover, Annabelle Rogers showcases her new outdoor living space and pool which she has meticulously documented on her Instagram, @designermumetc, alongside the rest of her beautiful garden ideas for her audience's viewing pleasure – admittedly, us included.

Patch of soil and dirt in back garden

The bathing area before the makeover

(Image credit: Annabelle Rogers)

'The stock tank pool area was originally designed to house a bathtub,' explains Annabelle. 'However, as I created quite a spacious area, once we put the bath there, it looked a little lost!'

'I remember a friend of mine sending me a link on Instagram for the dip tanks and I thought that would be a perfect alternative. So I measured the area and found the perfect sized one to fit the space I had.'

Tiled patio area in back garden

The bathing area after the tiles had been laid

(Image credit: Annabelle Rogers)

The inspiration for the outdoor space was birthed as a result of some outdoor kitchen inspiration which then led to Annabelle creating designated spaces as part of her garden layout, using stylish pergola ideas to zone the spaces. And sidebar: if you still haven't considered building an outdoor kitchen, it might be something worth looking at while the weather calls for it, just saying.

'I started with the outdoor kitchen and the idea then led to us having an outdoor bathing area,' explains Annabelle. 'I wanted it to feel very natural, so having the pergola helped separate it from the patio area.'

Outdoor kitchen area in back garden

The outdoor kitchen area

(Image credit: Annabelle Rogers)

Every luxury you would expect in a typical indoor bathroom is included in the spacious bathing area. Taps are on hand to easily fill the tank, while a plinth provides space for a boozy beverage and candles for maximum relaxation. Pair it with some of our editor's quiet luxury garden buys, and you're well on your way to creating the spa feeling for less (in the grand scheme of things, mind you).

Annabelle continues, 'The tiles added a really nice homely feel to the area and the fairy lights just brought it to life, especially at night.' Seeing as the outdoor entertaining could go on well into the evening, garden lighting ideas are especially important to consider.

Dip tank on tiled patio area in back garden

The completed dip tank garden makeover

(Image credit: Annabelle Rogers)

'Most of the materials (wood) were sourced locally. We have a place about five minutes from us which is very handy! The taps I took from the bath I was going to use and we decided to install a hot and cold tap so we can enjoy a nice hot soak.'

The dip tank itself cost £695, however, Annabelle was able to keep costs down by reusing leftover materials from previous projects.

Dip tank pool garden with outdoor patio decorations

(Image credit: Annabelle Rogers)

Although a dip tank was never in the original plan, it's oftentimes that the best projects are birthed as a result of a happy accident, and in this case, the mistake of making the space too big for a bathtub turned out to be a stroke of genius.

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