Gardener David Domoney reveals his 'lightbulb technique' for planting bulbs to ensure they flower every time

This clever trick will ensure they flower every time

David Domoney
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Celebrity gardener, David Domoney, took to ITV's This Morning to share this precious tidbit of advice for planting bulbs that even the greenest of gardeners ought to know.

If you've been on the ball with staying on top of the upkeep of your garden this October, then you'll likely already know that mid-autumn is the best time to plant bulbs to prep for striking blooms come next year's spring.

However, sometimes the task of knowing exactly how to plant bulbs might feel daunting. While it is generally an easy garden trend to hop on, it doesn't hurt to be clued up on a clever trick to make it even easier to achieve the bulb lawn of your dreams.

Bulbs planted in terracotta pots

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David Domoney's top tip for planting bulbs

While the drizzly weather might not necessarily inspire you to get out and flourish your garden ideas, there's actually no better time than now to ensure you've got all your (gardening) ducks in a row.

In a segment of ITV's This Morning, presenter and English Chartered Horticulturist David Domoney revealed the top tasks to tick off in the garden this winter, in which he confirmed that right now is the time to get your bulb lasagnes prepped.

However, it's what he said afterwards that was pure gold.

Bulbs planted in containers

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'One big tip about planting bulbs is there is a similarity between a lightbulb and a flower bulb,' he starts. 'The secret is when you're digging holes to plant bulbs, you dig them and plant them two and a half times generally, the height of the bulb.'

'But as you push the bulb into the ground, if it gets wedged between the soil and the bottom of the bulb doesn't hit the bottom of the soil, water gets in and can rot the bulb.' That's why it's important to know how deep to plant allium bulbs, for example.

Now comes the genius analogy.

David continues, 'With a lightbulb when you put it in, you always push and twist – and the same you should do with your flower bulbs – push and twist each one in, so the bottom of the bulb hits the bottom of the soil and each and every one of them will flower.'

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If you want to try out the lightbulb-flower bulb analogy for yourself and are after a good selection of spring-flowering bulbs, the Spring Spectacular Colour Selection at Thompson & Morgan is a good shout and comes with 200 bulbs for your gardening pleasure.

David assures that this will work with any flower bulb, irrespective of whether you're going all out with decking out your entire garden border or are simply sticking to a smaller container garden – so go crazy. He's even got us wanting to try this ingenious 'push and twist' method for ourselves now.

Who would've known that even the most opposite kinds of bulbs would share similarities, eh?

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