Gorgeous grey hallway ideas – moody dark tones to light pastel shades

Looking for grey hallway ideas? Use this shade in your hall for a harmonious look that will make a great first impression

Looking for grey hallway ideas? Whether it’s pale or slightly darker, dove grey is a great all-rounder. You can dress it up with silvers and metallic shades for a luxe look or keep it simple with natural colours and earthy textures.

Grey is the go-to shade if you are looking to make a smart first impression. A deep charcoal, paired with luxe lighting in the form of wall lights or a decadent chandelier, is a sophisticated south-facing hallway idea.

Alternatively, in a smaller or darker entranceway, use grey as a base wallpaper colour and choose a pretty motif to add interest where furniture or other accessories would otherwise clutter the space.

Grey hallway ideas

1. Flatter grey woodwork with grey wallpaper

Feather print wallpaper in hallway with grey door and grey frame

(Image credit: TBC)

From photo-real prints to whimsical, metallic-tinted designs, feathers are a natural extension of the popular bird motif and are possibly a more versatile choice.

Sold by the metre, this hallway wallpaper idea has detailed, colourful feathers that make a bold statement. Samui Natural Truffle wallpaper, POA, Voyage Decoration.

Feathers work well in both traditional and modern schemes. Looser ‘floating' designs suit a more classic setting, while those laid out in formation are usually great for a contemporary look.

While the dreamy quality of feathers makes them a shoo-in for a bedroom, we think their delicate quality, revealing the beauty of nature, makes them perfect for a room that links inside and outdoors.

2. Combine grey and white

A narrow white and grey hallway with stencilled floorboards

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

Using dark grey selectively in a narrow white hallway will make the space feel smarter without sucking the light from it. This makeover can be achieved on a relatively small budget, too.

Create your own wall panelling with MDF and give your front door and radiator a makeover with paint. Tired wooden floorboards can be updated with paint, too.

This diamond pattern pays homage to classic Victorian checkerboard hallway tiles, but feels contemporary.

3. Paint it dark and keep it cool

A dark grey hallway with a slim wooden console table and artwork on the wall

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dominic Blackmore)

Painting a hallway in a dark colour makes the rooms that come off it feel brighter and bigger. From deepest slate to dark concrete, these greys have blue in their DNA.

Avoid going this dark in a north-facing room. They’re perfect for cooling down an over-bright, south-facing space. Go tonal with blue-based colours for a subtle highlight – think teal or lapis. Or, create a bold contrast with a splash of rich yellow, orange or pink to pop against the deep grey.

Get the look
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4. Introduce copper accents

A light grey hallway with wall art, bronze lighting and a console table

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Brittain)

Take the intimidation out of grey by warming up this look with copper accessories. The rose-gold undertones have a lovely way of adding a glow to the scheme, making it warm and inviting.

The darker the shade of grey, the more moody and dramatic. So, make use of this quality by playing with dark and light metallic tones in copper and brass, currently the hottest of metals around. If in doubt, opt for a light, subtle shade of grey.

5. Enliven a grey hallway with bright colour

A grey hallway with blue and white curtains

(Image credit: Future PLC/Lizzie Orme)

Grey works as a fabulous canvas to able you to show off the most vibrant shades. Pink, blue and yellow work particularly well in grey hallway colour schemes, especially if you want to create an unforgettable impression when your guests walk through the door.

The hallway is the perfect place to experiment, so clash patterns and print for added effect.

6. Go for grey-on-grey

A grey and white hallway with a bench seat, console table and wall pegs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Think grey paint won't work in a classic entrance hall? Think again! For a more traditional and cosy take on grey, go for brown greys and mix with warm wood furniture and natural accessories.

This traditional space truly embraces the grey-on-grey trend, and doesn't it do it well? It's also crammed with handy hallway storage ideas.

7. Make an entrance

A dark grey hallway with wall art, a console table and three decorative ceiling lamps

(Image credit: Future PLC/Paul Raeside)

Give your hallway a smart, upscale feel with a deep grey tone. In fact, if you fancy being a little daring, a light-filled entrance space is the perfect place to experiment.

Try shades of slate, concrete and navy-infused greys for a bold statement, then team with bright white to sharpen up the look.

8. Paint below the dado rail

A light grey hallway with coats hanging on pegs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Max Attenborough)

Don't want to go grey all-over? No sweat! Paint is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a big impact in a room. Use a pale shade of grey below the dado rail for minimal fuss, but maximum impact.

9. Take it up the stairs

A grey hallway with wooden staircase and grey handrail

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

Grey is a great colour choice for a stair runner, as a neutral, it will pair well with just about any colour. If you're after a timeless staircase idea that will age well, then a striped runner is the perfect choice for you.

Will you be giving grey a go in your hallway?

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