How to clean a boucle sofa – the expert-approved way to keeping it fresh and stain-free without damaging it

Experts share their tips and tricks on how to best clean a boucle sofa

The Small Biggie 3 Seater Sofa in Fuzzy White Boucle
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If you were wondering whether boucle sofas are still in for 2024, the verdict is that they very much are as #bouclesofa has attracted over 9.4 million views, with an increase in Google searches by 50% in the last month. But whether you already own one or are looking to invest in one, knowing how to clean a boucle sofa is the key to keeping it looking as fresh and chic as the day you bought it.

The best sofas deserve the best care - and in turn, they will serve you for many years to come. Despite what you might think, boucle material is not all that difficult to clean. As long as you know exactly how to tackle it. 

And since boucle furniture has been a major trend for the past couple of years, our sofa experts are very well-versed in the upkeep of a boucle sofa. And these are their tips and tricks to keeping yours looking its best with no stains in sight.

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How to clean a boucle sofa

There are steps to the best way how to clean a sofa, including a boucle one. But one thing you need to remember when dealing with boucle is to be gentle.

‘Cleaning a boucle sofa requires a delicate touch to ensure the unique texture and appearance remains intact for as long as you own it,’ says Dani Burroughs, head of product at Snug.

Sarah Dempsey, cleaning expert at at, the UK’s leading trades matching site, continues, ‘Boucle is highly popular as a sofa fabric, a soft and beautifully tactile material. Despite its soft texture, it is quite a durable and hard-wearing choice as a furniture covering and can work well as a family sofa. But keeping your boucle sofa clean and looking fabulous does take work.’

And this is the work you’ll need to put in and tools you’ll need to help you along the way.

The Small Biggie 3 Seater Sofa in Fuzzy White Boucle

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What you’ll need

1. Vacuum

‘One of the most important tools for cleaning your boucle sofa is your vacuum cleaner,’ Sarah explains. ‘More specifically the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner. With this soft brush attachment, you can remove all the surface dust, dirt and loose fibres from your sofa.’

But even when vacuuming your boucle sofa, the overarching message is to be gentle.

‘Make sure you are gentle when vacuum cleaning your boucle sofa as too rigorous cleaning may damage the structure of the fabric. To ensure that you get all the dust and dirt out of the fabric make sure to change the direction you are moving the vacuum attachment in approximately every 5 to 10 seconds,’ Sarah advises.

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2. Brush

Once you’ve finished vacuuming your boucle sofa, you can delicately brush it with a soft-bristled brush. 

‘A soft-bristled brush will be more gentle on the fabric and will help remove loose dirt and debris without causing damage,’ says Luis Toja, Fantastic Services' upholstery cleaning expert.

It will also help to lift and fluff the fabric after perhaps being a bit flattened by the vacuum.

‘When brushing the fabric do so in a way that lifts the curls and loops of the material to retain its plush softness. Avoid harsh brushing or scrubbing,’ Sarah warns.

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3. Lint roll

Pulling out the lint roller is best done after vacuuming and even brushing as that will lift any dirt that the lint roller can then pick up if the vacuum cleaner hasn’t already done so.

‘A lint roller can also be a useful tool as this will help remove any dust left on the surface, keeping the colour from dulling over time,’ Dani suggests.

Luis agrees, ‘This handy tool can be used to remove lint, pet hair or any loose particles that might cling to the boucle surface.’


How do you get stains out of a boucle couch?

‘For times when you may need to do some spot cleaning on your sofa keep some white lint-free cloths to hand. White is best as it allows you to see any residue of spills you are trying to remove from the boucle fabric,’ Sarah says. 

‘If you do have a spill on your boucle sofa you should blot the stain immediately with paper towels or an absorbent cloth,’ Sarah explains.

Then, you can either use mild upholstery cleaner for delicate fabrics or any mild bleach-free detergent you have around the house. Prepare a solution of warm water mixed with the detergent and apply it to the stain with a white cloth.

‘Always use a blotting motion instead of rubbing to prevent distortion of the texture. Blot from the outer edges of the stain toward the centre to avoid spreading it further,’ Luis recommends.

Then allow the sofa to air dry without applying any heat.

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Are boucle sofas hard to clean?

‘With proper attention to detail and the right tools, boucle isn’t a difficult fabric to clean and won’t take you too long. Regular maintenance and quick action to spillages can help contribute to keeping your boucle sofa looking its best at all times,’ Dani says.

Happy boucle cleaning!

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