Mrs Hinch is back with another cleaning hack, this time for your Shark vacuum – and it couldn’t be easier

Struggling to clean all the nooks and crannies of your Shark vacuum? Mrs Hinch saves the day with the simplest of tricks

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When Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch shares a cleaning tip on her Instagram account, we’re bound to pay attention. Over the weekend, the influencer took to her Insta stories to share the best Shark vacuum cleaning routine.

In the video, we see the ‘filthy’ vacuum, which had been claimed by Sophie’s husband Jamie for exclusive use in their garage, as it’s taken apart for cleaning. It’s then washed and cleaned piece by piece in the kitchen sink, showing us how to clean a Shark vacuum cleaner properly. Which is VERY satisfying to watch, might we add.

While doing so, Sophie nonchalantly pulls out an unexpected little tool to get into all the inaccessible nooks and crannies of the vacuum to make sure no debris is left behind. And we’re copying this genius little hack ASAP.

Mrs Hinch shares a Shark vacuum cleaning hack  

Shark HydroVac

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So what’s the secret ingredient to a perfectly clean Shark vacuum? According to @mrshinchhome, it’s a paintbrush! You can use any round sash painting brush like the Hamilton Prestige 15mm Sash Paint Brush, which is usually used to paint any trim areas such as skirting boards. 

The author uses her brush to get the dust out of all the nooks and crannies of the vacuum cleaner, before laying out all of the parts individually on a towel to let them dry before putting them back together.

A hallways with a sideboard being vacuum cleaned

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But turns out, Mrs Hinch is not the first one to think of this method and we’ve been sleeping on this clever cleaning tip. Ideal Home’s own Ecommerce Editor, Molly Cleary, is already on it. 

‘I use the Shark Stratos cordless vacuum and I have a little brush that I use when cleaning the floorhead to get into all of the areas that can't be reached by taking parts of the head out. It's actually a tool I received when I reviewed another vacuum, but its small size means it's perfect for clearing debris from all types of vacuums. If you don't want to splash out on a specialist brush, then an old toothbrush may work just as well.’

Well, at least we know now. Better late than never. And we’re grateful to Mrs Hinch for bringing this one to our attention.

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