The invisible solution for warming up the coldest room in your house from £33

This barely-there insulation seals in warmth and blocks out sound

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A London-based video creator has shared an affordable way to warm up chilly rooms. The best bit? It's almost invisible. 

In a recent YouTube video, Lily Pebbles showed her followers Invisalign-esque insulation hack – a sheet of secondary glazing that you attach to the window frame.

Costing £33 for a small window, it's a smart way to insulate your home without compromising on aesthetics. Having asked Lily about it, we think it could be just the thing if you've got a room that gets particularly cold this time of year.

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Window insulation hack

'It was really easy to install,' Lily Pebbles says. 'We measured our window, filled out the measurements online and added any accessories we needed onto the order. 

'When it arrived it was just a case of sticking the magnetic strip around the window and then just slotting the frame onto that. It cost us £150 to do the sash window in my son’s bedroom. 

'I wasn’t sure how well it would work but we are so happy. It’s made a huge difference to the insulation as it was so draughty and cold before and now it genuinely feels like the other rooms in our house that have double glazing.

secondary glazing on a window

Aside from the grey edge, you can't see the secondary glazing at all

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'It’s also really helped to block out the loud noises we usually hear from the street – it’s been a huge success!' Lily bought the secondary glazing from Secondary DIY Glazing, and as the photo above shows, you can't see it unless you're really looking for it.

We're all looking for cost-effective ways to help keep a house warm in winter without having to resort to electric heaters or turning up the thermostat. And given the cost of double glazing, this is a quick fix for the colder months, and you can store the secondary glazing away easily when you no longer need it.

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In other areas of the house, you could consider window draught excluder tape, £8.99, Amazon instead. These seal in heat by sealing up gaps around windows and doors, another hack worth knowing that will help lower your gas bill

The only drawback is when secondary glazing is installed, you can't open the window, so we'd argue that it's best suited for bedrooms and hallways. So will you be giving secondary glazing a go?

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