Goodbye worktop scratches! Glide your air fryer in and out of place with this £9 Amazon hack

We just found the perfect hack to easily move your air fryer about the kitchen worktop – and you can get it on Amazon for under £10!

A multi-cooker on a kitchen counter
(Image credit: Heather Young)

Are you tired of dragging your air fryer (or any other kitchen appliance for that matter) across the kitchen worktop out of its parked space every time you want to use it? And then do the reverse once you’re done with it? 

We know that even the best air fryers don’t tend to be the lightest of appliances and moving them about is not only uncomfortable, it can also result in worktop scratches and undesirable marks. 

That's why we were so excited when we came across this clever kitchen idea in the form of the Amazon self-adhesive castor wheels, aka the DIY way to easy manoeuvring of your air fryer. 

Amazon’s castor wheel hack for kitchen appliances

These babies come in a set of 12 and all you need to do is stick them onto the bottom of your appliance with the self-adhesive pad and swivel it  away. The smoothness of the resulting movements is unreal! And it's not the only time we've been impressed with a viral Amazon product – just take the stone dish drying mat.

The good news is that you can use these on your stand mixer, pressure cooker and even a microwave if you so choose to. And it’s just £8.28!

Amazon Self Adhesive Castor Wheels

(Image credit: Heather Young)

We first came across this bright idea on an Instagram reel, courtesy of blogger and influencer Becky Hillyard (@cellajaneblog), who’s attached the Amazon castor wheels to the bottom of her KitchenAid stand mixer

It got us thinking what else you could attach them to, and our favourite (rather heavy) kitchen appliance sprang to mind instantly: the air fryer! According to the Amazon reviews, customers have successfully used these swivel wheels on their air fryers before. 

One reviewer says, ‘I have a dual drawer Daewoo air fryer which is quite hefty (10 kg) to move about on its rubber feet across my counter top, so I bought these castor wheels to aid maneuverability.' 

'Although,' they add, 'do be aware that when opening and closing the drawers, you have to keep hold of the machine to stop it rolling away from you. Most definitely a worthwhile product.’ That is a good point and a warning we should all keep in mind. One must be careful.

Multi-cooker bottom with Amazon self-adhesive castor wheels on the bottom

(Image credit: Heather Young)

Another customer writes, ‘Bought these for bottom of my air fryer to enable me to move in and out on worktop, works perfect, wish I’d discovered them earlier, really easy to fit (self-adhesive, very strong) means I can move it in and out of corner where it’s situated with ease, great for heavy objects using on a Ninja which is quite heavy.. highly recommended.’

Ideal Home’s own Editor, Heather Young, has tested this hack and encountered one slight hick-up with her own air fryer: the legs. So if your air fryer, too, is a model with little legs, this product is most likely not going to be compatible with it. 

But you can still utilise the appliance wheel movers on other things. For example, Heather stuck them to her hefty Instant multi-cooker (which includes an air frying function) and it worked a charm. 

A multi-cooker on a kitchen counter

(Image credit: Heather Young)

'These nifty little castors are super easy to use,' Heather says. 'Our Instant multicooker gets a huge amount of use, but it's pretty heavy, and I always worry about scuffing our new (off-white) worktops when I'm shifting it around.'

'It's actually my 14-year-old son who uses the air fryer function on the multi cooker most (pretty much everyday!), so adding the castors means he's able to access it much easier, plus we can push it to the back of the worktop when it's not being used.'

So don’t be afraid to experiment.

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