A DIYer has made a small kitchen look bigger using this smart tile hack

These budget tiles from Home Bargains have changed the game

A DIY fan has shared an impressive Home Bargains kitchen tiles makeover,. For just £16, Amy has brightened up her kitchen, making it look way bigger and a whole lot more fun.

Hunting for kitchen flooring ideas that don't cost the earth for your tiny kitchen? You might just need a trip to Home Bargains for some stick-on tiles.


kitchen with black tiles floor before makeover

(Image credit: Amy @ourlifeatno.11)

'I’ve very recently decorated my kitchen,' Amy (@ourlifeatno.11) tells us. 'I felt the last finishing touch would be new flooring.'

Although the existing black lino flooring was absolutely fine, it no longer matched the theme she was going for. Having painted the walls and put up shelving and other decor accessories, they were looking a little tired.

Instead, Amy wanted something lighter and a little more funky. So, when she found these monochrome geometric tiles (available online at Home Bargains), she decided to give them a go.

Shop the look:


kitchen with white cabinet chimey wooden counter and designed floor

(Image credit: Amy @ourlifeatno.11)

'I’ve previously used some from a different store and they lasted really well,' Amy shares. She spent £15.92 in total on this easy DIY project - and what a difference it's made.

'It’s really brought all of the kitchen together, it feels so much lighter and spacious,' the DIYer comments. Amy says this budget kitchen ideas was easy to do, and only requires a few tools and a spare hour.

Her top tip is to start laying the tiles in the centre and work outwards. 'Should you need to trim around corners or edges just use a ruler and marker to mark up, and a sharp pair of scissors or a Stanley blade to cut!'

kitchen with white cabinet wooden counter wooden shelf and designed floor

(Image credit: Amy @ourlifeatno.11)

Amy has gone for an on-trend sage green on the walls and decorated the space with artwork, decorative pieces styled on homemade shelving, and fun neon light. The new flooring makes the whole space feel more inviting, while bringing plenty of personality.

For just £16, this DIY offers serious bang for your buck. Have you tried self-adhesive tiles at home?

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