For less than £60 this dated kitchen was transformed into a sophisticated space

Now it's stylish and serene
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  • Armed with some budget supplies and a determination to change her dated kitchen, one homeowner created a whole new look with this less than £60 grey kitchen makeover.

    Julie Pentelow from Swindon was desperate for some kitchen ideas to revamp her old, plain wood cabinetry on a budget. To keep costs as low as possible she set about learning how to paint kitchen cabinets.

    ‘I saw people in Facebook groups, particularly the “DIY on a Budget” page, saving money by painting their kitchen cabinets to give them a new look, so I decided to give it a go myself,’ Julie told the money-saving community

    £60 Grey kitchen makeover

    Before she got started, Julie started shopping for some supplies, making sure to keep costs down with smart choices at stores such as Asda, B&M and IKEA.


    white kitchen with wooden cabinets

    Image credit: Julie Pentelow

    ‘I picked up some small bits, like sugar soap and mini foam rollers from B&M,’ she says. ‘I already had the handle part for the rollers so that saved a little money. I used V33 Renovation Loft Grey Satin Cupboard & Cabinet paint from B&Q, which cost £39 for two litres, and it was enough for all of my kitchen cupboards with some leftovers – I even managed to paint my bannister and kitchen table with the same tub!’

    When it came to the walls, Julie chose Dulux Rock Salt emulsion, along with a Dark Grey Grout Pen, £3.80 from Amazon that she used to go around her old kitchen tiles.

    ‘The first step was to prep the kitchen cabinets using the sugar soap,’ Julie explains. ‘This gave them a good clean and ensured there wasn’t any greasy residue before I started painting.’

    white kitchen with wooden cabinets

    Image credit: Julie Pentelow

    ‘Then I used a mini foam roller to apply the V33 paint – it went on so well and gave it a really smooth finish. In fact, everything now feels great and not like it’s been painted at all.’

    ‘The grout pen was a bit fiddly and hard to keep straight, but I found going along the lines with a piece of kitchen towel afterwards helped straighten up the pen line.’


    grey kitchen cabinets with white tiles

    Image credit: Julie Pentelow

    It may not have been a 10-minute job, but Julie’s new chic-looking painted cupboards is certainly giving us some grey kitchen ideas.  The grouted tiles are a small update but has proven to be a really effective kitchen splashback idea.

    Above the newly-painted dining table, Julie added a gallery wall of framed prints and a small shelf for displaying knick-knacks.

    ‘I made some artworks as I do a bit of graphic design in my spare time,’ Julie says. ‘I have an Etsy shop selling prints and wedding stationery, so I enjoyed making some to add to the picture wall.’

    grey kitchen table with gallery wall

    Image credit: Julie Pentelow

    ‘I also picked up an artificial hanging plant from Ikea for £6 and a hanging plant in a glass jar for £4 from B&M to give a natural look to the room and add some colour.’

    ‘I’m really happy with the way the room turned out,’ she says. ‘It feels like I have a brand new kitchen! The shade of grey I picked adds sophistication and now the drawers match the oven, making it look much more coordinated. I have had plenty of compliments from family and friends!’

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