This toastie maker earned its spot in Jamie Oliver's family kitchen – and it's just £25 for Cyber Monday

If the Oliver family is still using a toastie maker daily, best believe we'll be following suit

Jamie Oliver
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Jamie Oliver's son, Buddy, took to Instagram to share his favourite way to make a toastie using a Breville sandwich toaster – and the good news is, it just got a whole lot more affordable for Cyber Monday.

The best sandwich toaster has easily become a staple in many British households, not to mention for many university students. Before the best air fryers became the biggest thing, a toastie maker was one of our go-to kitchen gadgets to whip up a delicious, cheesy lunch in just minutes.

But hey, if the Olivers are still using toastie makers frequently and have earned a spot on their kitchen worktop, then you best believe we'll be following suit. Better yet, their favourite Breville sandwich toaster is currently on offer for just £25 and is a Cyber Monday deal you certainly shouldn't miss out on.

Breville Deep Fill 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster |was £31.99now £25.00 at Argos

Breville Deep Fill 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster | was £31.99 now £25.00 at Argos
This toastie maker features a specifically designed, longer element, meaning toasties are browned to perfection, while the deep plates allow you to enjoy even more of your favourite fillings.

Just yesterday, Jamie Oliver's son, Buddy, appeared on Instagram to show fans how to make a baked beans and cheese toastie from the celebrity chef's newest children's book, Billy and the Giant Adventure. The book not only sets out a thrilling adventure but also equally epic (and easy) recipes, with the British-beloved toastie making the cut.

Buddy makes the toastie in traditional fashion, buttering the outside of the bread and adding grated cheese and two tablespoons of beans to one of the slices of bread before putting it in the Breville sandwich toaster.

Buddy leaves it in the toastie maker for three minutes and voila, a delicious baked beans and cheese toastie in all its glory.

If you've already got an air fryer, then it's all well and good to just make a toastie in the air fryer (which is just as good, by the way).

However, if you have not yet joined the air fryer train and are just rocking with your current roster of kitchen appliances, then this Breville sandwich toaster deal isn't one to be missed. In fact, Breville has been smashing it with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, as we've seen with Geri Halliwell's kettle.

You can consider this toastie maker a budget kitchen idea that's sure to get all the kids involved. Take Buddy, for example. Maybe with this purchase, you might just have your own little budding chef at home waiting to be next in line. 

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