Grind's Cold Brew Bottle has singlehandedly kicked my expensive takeaway coffee habit – for only £30

As a result, I'm £4 richer every day

Grind Cold Brew Bottle
(Image credit: Grind)

At Ideal Home, we've officially declared it coffee season – and with the promise of sunnier weather ahead of us, it's only right that we pay homage to a classic: cold brew. Well, the process behind making cold brew at home has just got a very stylish upgrade, thanks to Grind's Cold Brew Bottle.

Like a handful of people, I've got a bad takeaway coffee habit that I'm trying to kick. Although the best coffee machines work great for brewing hot cups of coffee, I often find that despite my efforts, there's always something missing when I try to make iced coffee at home.

Mornings are hard enough in themselves, so if there's any way that I can make them as easy as possible, I'm all ears. So, when I heard about Grind's Cold Brew Bottle, I was intrigued to add it to my kitchen coffee station.

The world of cold brew is something that my flatmate introduced me to back in university and I instantly fell in love with it. I was keen to learn to make cold brew myself, but it always seemed like a whole ordeal that I knew I couldn't commit to with its cheesecloths and all.

Although many coffee machines are easy enough to operate on a pre-work morning time crunch (even more so if you're an advocate for the best pod coffee machines), opening my fridge and being able to instantly pour a delicious glass of coffee is an extremely appealing prospect.

All you've got to do is dedicate a couple of minutes the night before to prepare everything. If I can commit to it, believe me when I say you can, too. Just add water and your ground coffee of choice and pop it in the fridge to steep overnight.

Grind Cold Brew Bottle

(Image credit: Grind)

With a capacity of 1000ml, the Cold Brew Bottle makes around 4-5 cups of coffee and because it's just me using it, a bottle lasts me around 3 days of (generously sized) glasses of coffee. This is especially convenient because it means I don't need to refill it every single night.

I used Grind's House Blend coffee grounds and let it brew for around 8-10 hours. I typically add a splash of oat milk and a bit of salted caramel syrup to itch my sweet tooth and let me tell you, it tasted even better than some takeaway coffees I've had. I'd even say it's cafe-worthy coffee right from my kitchen.

Grind Cold Brew Bottle

My Grind Cold Brew Bottle, the morning after leaving it in the fridge overnight

(Image credit: Future/Jullia Joson)

Two months on, I still use it religiously and have since tried it with other coffee grounds and have experimented with other syrups and flavours. Making cold brew at home has never been so easy, and I'm really pleased that I tried it out.

Not to mention, it's also super pretty-looking in its minimalist and sleek colour scheme. I definitely see it becoming a staple among many coffee bar ideas.

Grind Cold Brew Bottle

(Image credit: Grind)

Although lots of coffee shops have brought back their iced coffee specials as part of their seasonal rotation, it's assuring (and honestly, empowering) that I'm just as satisfied with my own ability to brew up my ideal cup of coffee at home.

While I'm a bit of a coffee fanatic and still enjoy a little treat every now and then, for the most part, I can say that I'm £4 richer every day as a result of Grind's Cold Brew Bottle. So, that's a win in my books.

Jullia Joson
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