Kendall Jenner's cocktail bar perfectly balances 'grandeur and minimalism' – experts love her use of dark oak shelving

She's nailed using contrast to achieve a space that is 'both practical and visually stunning'

Kendall Jenner
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Kendall Jenner is a celebrity who needs to introduction. The model and socialite has long served as an inspiration as far as all things fashion and beauty are concerned, as well as her entertaining antics on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, she's also teaching some valuable interior lessons we can add to our kitchen and home cocktail bar ideas – namely, oak shelving.

Hosting season is officially underway, and after hearing how much value a bar can add to your home, we'd be lying if we said it wasn't a tempting addition to consider. 

While many of us can't whip up a home bar in a matter of weeks ahead of Christmas and New Year's celebrations (one could only wish), it just means we get to indulge all the more in celebrity homes that do indeed have all these niceties.

Of course, the Kardashians and Jenners are easily the pinnacle of the stealth wealth and quiet luxury trends, so it doesn't hurt to take an idea or two from their own glam homes to help make our kitchens look more expensive – or any space for that matter.

Kitchen with marble kitchen island and worktops, white colour scheme, open shelving

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Kendall Jenner's cocktail bar dark oak shelving

Just earlier this week, Kendall Jenner took to TikTok to share one of her favourite cocktail recipes, a Chaitini – a drink we'd consider perfect for the winter season.

She filmed the video in her home's cocktail bar which displays gorgeous oak wall shelving against a glorious white marble splashback that extends out to a worktop, and it's certainly the star of the show for us.


just thought i’d share one of my favorites 🫶🏼

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'What's really interesting is Kendall's use of dark oak shelving in her cocktail bar space,' starts interior designer, Helen Joseph, 'reminiscent of a bohemian theme which is certainly unexpected and signals to Kendall's eclectic taste.'

Helen Joseph
Helen Joseph

Helen Joseph is an interior designer for premium housebuilder, Redrow, and has been meticulously developing its award-winning show homes since 2019. With a well-trained eye for perfectly crafted internal layouts, quality, craftsmanship, textiles and furnishings, Helen continues to be recognised for her timeless style and designs that remain ahead of trend.

'Paired with a marble splashback, the natural grain patterns in dark oak add texture and visual interest to the shelving, making a beautiful contrast which creates a striking yet tranquil focal point,' continues Helen.

Kitchen with grey tiled concrete floor, large marbled kitchen island, floor to ceiling glass doors to the patio and garden

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Interior designer, Oliver Steer, adds, 'Kendall Jenner's use of dark oak shelving against the marble backdrop creates a truly inviting and stylish atmosphere. The rich tones of the dark oak infuse warmth and sophistication, beautifully complementing the opulence of the marble.'

'This design choice strikes a perfect balance between grandeur and minimalism, turning the shelving into both a functional storage solution and a chic focal point.'

Interior designer Oliver Steer
Oliver Steer

One of the UK's leading interior designers, Oliver Steer, creates award-winning, exquisite interiors and properties using the finest materials, furnishings, and craftsmen from around the world. Dedicated to delivering outstanding luxury living, Oliver has worked with businesses across hospitality and premium retail, as well as directly with customers to bring visions and dreams to life in their homes.

As for Kendall's use of open shelves versus wall cabinets, Helen comments further, 'The space between each shelf allows the objects to breathe, styled with clear glassware allowing the organic texture of the backsplash to have a voice of its own.'

Better yet, the beauty of dark oak shelving is that it 'offers an understated look that complements design-led aesthetics perfectly,' adds Jonathon Clark, creative director at Shelved. 'Reflected through its raw hues and textured surface, the dark oak evokes a richness that blends so well with other luxe, natural materials like marble,' continues Jonathon.

You can see it a little clearer in the second slide of Kendall's older Instagram post from 2021.

To see Kendall Jenner championing this dark wood interior trend is certainly inspiring us to try this contrast for ourselves at home – and the experts agree that we should follow suit.

'I'd recommend considering a similar approach for your space; it not only adds a touch of timeless elegance but also brings a sense of harmony by blending different textures and tones seamlessly,' concludes Oliver.

'It's a fantastic way to elevate your home and create a space that's both practical and visually stunning.'

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