What kitchen colours go with black appliances? Experts agree you can't go wrong with these 4 stylish shades

Super sleek and contemporary, black appliances are a surprisingly versatile choice

built in ovens in white kitchen
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Not too long ago, the choice of appliance colours was mainly stainless steel and white. Of course, range cookers have been able to add a splash of colour to a space for a while, but when it came to built-in ovens, hobs, fridge-freezers and the like, the palette was a little more limited.

Nowadays, these appliances come in a wide array of colours and finishes from bold shades to add personality to metallics, stainless steel, brushed steel and black in a choice of gloss, matt or even mirrored, so you can make an impact in your kitchen colour scheme.

Black kitchen appliances create a sleek style and can be added to a kitchen design as an accent to stand out or blend into the background for a seamless aesthetic. The effect comes down to whether you indeed do want your appliances to create a statement, or you’d prefer them to be more hidden. The colour of your kitchen cabinets will have a big impact on the result.

The best kitchen colours with black appliances

If you’re considering investing in black appliances, think about your choice of appliances at the same time as selecting your kitchen colour schemes. It’s always good to think about the context, the light in the space and where in the kitchen your appliances will go. For example, do you want a bank of built-in ovens in one area with a coffee machine, microwave and fridge-freezer placed together, or will your appliances be placed around the kitchen where you’ll use them most?

A bank of black appliances will help delineate the look of the appliances from the rest of your kitchen, while if you’re not grouping your cooking kit, you’ll need to think more carefully about how each appliance will form a ‘break’ in your kitchen units.

'When matched with the right colours, black can help to build contrast, draw attention to and from the right features, and create shadows and light through clever placement,' explains Jen Nash, head of design at Magnet.

Let’s take a closer look at which kitchen colours go best with black appliances…

1. Black appliances with a white kitchen

built in ovens in white kitchen

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The classic combination, there’s something so timeless and sophisticated about a monochrome kitchen. No matter the cabinetry style – whether it be sleek and handleless or Shaker-inspired kitchens – black with white transcends the trends.

'This high-contrast pairing creates a sleek and sophisticated look. In a contemporary kitchen, less is often more,' says Jen. 'Consider incorporating modern materials like glass, stainless steel, concrete or glossy surfaces to enhance the contemporary feel. Matt black appliances pair well with kitchen designs in high gloss white finishes like Magnet’s Luna Gloss.'

For a more detailed look, gold accents, such as handles, taps and accessories, work well with dark coloured appliances and warm up the white cabinetry, while the worktop is a prime spot to introduce some pattern or texture.

'White furniture with black appliances and a black and white veined Marquina type worktop to pull it all together also works very well,' says Lisa-Marie Johnson, manager at Schmidt Weybridge.

2. Black appliances with a black kitchen

Dark grey u-shaped kitchen with work worktops and a single open shelf running across the back wall

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'I love the black-on-black concept,' says Lisa-Marie. 'To get it right, you have to mix textures and materials. This gives it depth and movement. In fact, when everything in the room is one colour, you can be more adventurous with different textures and finishes.'

'Consider pairing black appliances with a black kitchen, but adding a wooden floor. “This both highlights and softens it at the same time,' says Lisa-Marie.

Or you could add brass taps and wooden bar stools to introduce warmth and different textures. You might like to break up the expanse of a black kitchen with a patterned floor or heavily-veined worktop such as a marble style, terrazzo or granite. Or how about leaning into the industrial vibe with a stainless steel worktop?

3. Black appliances with a colourful kitchen

Soho in Chalk Blush and Nordic Oak

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If you have a colourful kitchen, incorporating black appliances is a great way to make a statement.

Whether you have a blue kitchen, a green kitchen, brown kitchen, orange kitchen, yellow kitchen or pink kitchen, black appliances can form an interesting point of contrast against your shade of choice.

'Pink is a versatile colour that can be paired with black for a sense of creativity. Pink, especially pastel shades, works well with matte black for a modern edge,' suggests Jen. 'You could also go for a playful yellow kitchen. Black appliances are a great way to contrast this and bring the colour scheme down to earth.'

4. Black appliances with a neutral kitchen

sensory kitchen

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By leaning into the calm aesthetic of a Scandinavian or Japanese-inspired kitchen, you can create a modern look that’s warm and welcoming. Neutral colours and woods are a great option for the cabinetry when this is the type of look you want to create in your home.

'Earth-tone colours coupled with black appliances create a beautiful harmony that evokes a sense of relaxation,' says Jen. While wooden units against black appliances will create a contemporary feel with the contrast between the black and grain of the wood adding texture and interest.

Natural kitchen colours such as beige, browns, clay tones and mink work well with black appliances, but the palette of wider earthy tones to include soft greens and duck egg will also combine well if you do want a subtle dose of colour.

'Neutral colours are most popular and pair seamlessly with black appliances. These muted tones allow the black appliances to stand out, creating a striking contrast that adds depth to any kitchen,' explains Natasha.


What kitchen appliance colours are best?

For the most versatile option, stainless steel, brushed steel and black appliances will pair well with a wide range of kitchen colour options. With each of these appliance finishes, you can create a modern or a more traditional look depending on what else goes into the space, including the style of the cabinetry.

Stainless steel and brushed steel appliances will work equally well within a handleless or sleek kitchen design as they do alongside Shaker cabinetry or more detailed units, while black appliances will fit with most schemes too with careful attention to their look.

Aim to match the style of your appliance to the kitchen. So if your kitchen style is more traditional, go for appliances that fit this theme. This might mean that you opt for a grand range cooker or appliances with detailed handles, or a classically-styled hob or fridge-freezer. But for a modern look, simpler designs with fewer flourishes may work best.

What kitchen paint colours go with black appliances?

Much like the kitchen colours mentioned above, the same applies to wall paint. Black appliances are a versatile option that can pair with a range of shades, whether that be on your kitchen units or the walls.

Why not go for a colour drenching effect and paint your walls the same colour as your kitchen to seamlessly blend the two? This can really help enhance the feeling of space in a room and you could even paint the ceiling to match for a full-on cocooning result.

Alternatively, if you’ve chosen a white or neutral colour for your kitchen, introduce a bit of personality through the walls with a more vibrant shade. Pink units look great with green walls or vice versa, for example.

Which colour will you choose?