Strictly’s Layton Williams debuts a wallpapered ceiling in his kitchen – it's a bold injection of colour and pattern

Layton Williams is making a case for statement ceilings as he shares snaps of his London home’s makeover

Layton Williams
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Layton Williams has stolen our hearts with his impressive performances in everything from the latest series of Strictly to his portrayal of the titular character in West End’s production of the Everybody’s Talking About Jamie musical. And now, he’s winning us over all over again with his newly renovated London home, particularly Layton’s statement ceiling wallpaper in the newly redecorated kitchen.

But Layton wasn’t alone in redecorating his now very vibrant and colourful London flat – and that includes this bold wallpaper idea. The actor invited popular paint and wallpaper brand, Farrow & Ball, to help ‘reflect my style and personality,’ as Layton writes in the caption of his Instagram post sharing the snaps of his home immersed in colour and pattern.

The graphic, dotted wallpaper in red and pink seen on the ceiling of Layton’s kitchen is simply named ‘Dot’ and it’s from Farrow & Ball’s collection made in collaboration with fashion designer Christopher John Rogers who is known for his penchant for bright colours and patterns.

But are wallpapered ceilings the new thing in kitchen decor? While we've seen ceilings covered in wallpaper before, this was a first for us when it comes to the kitchen specifically. And we think it's an ingenious way to bring a splash of pattern into a traditionally neutral or monochrome space, while also working amazingly well in other rooms, too. But what do our experts say?

Layton Williams’ wallpapered ceiling in the kitchen

This is not the first time that we’ve been inspired by one of the Strictly stars’ homes – from Amanda Abbington’s colour-drenched living room shelves to Bobby Brazier’s green bedroom, we love getting inspired by the contestants’ lovely homes.

But we’d venture to say that Layton Williams’ home is the most fun and original, from his entirely pink colour-drenched hallway to the statement ceiling wallpaper contrasted by simple white walls. We’re so here for it! 

So much so that we’re now considering putting wallpaper on our ceilings. But should we?

Bobbi Beck Blossom Ceiling

(Image credit: Bobbi Beck)

‘Historically, ceilings have always been used for artistic expression, from hand painted murals to ornamental plaster – just think of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican if you’re looking for the ultimate inspiration,’ says Tim Dixon, managing director of Beautiful Walls. ‘Wallpapered ceilings are simply a modern interpretation of this trend, and one that only seems to be growing year on year.’

Chelsea Clark, head of brand at I Love Wallpaper, continues to praise wallpapered ceilings and explains it’s the perfect opportunity to be bold with colour and pattern choices, ‘Wallpapering a ceiling is a great way to add character to a space, play with pattern or include an injection of colour. It can also visually alter the dimensions of the room by drawing the eyes upward. Depending on the print and colour of the wallpaper, the room can either feel more spacious and make the walls seem taller or bring the ceiling downwards to create a more intimate feel.’

A dining room with dark panelled walls and an animal-print wallpapered ceiling

(Image credit: Future PLC/James Merrell)

Ceiling wallpaper tips

If you are intrigued by the idea of covering your ceiling with wallpaper, then there are definitely some things to keep in mind and some things you shouldn’t do when choosing your wallpaper.

‘Before choosing your style or pattern, consider how you want the room to feel. Opt for a lighter coloured wallpaper when looking to make a room feel bigger and give the illusion that the ceilings are higher. For a cosier feel, choose a darker coloured wallpaper to create the ultimate cocooning feel,’ Chelsea says.

Tim further elaborates on the effects of various patterns when they cover the ceiling, ‘Geometric patterns are great for ceilings as they are non-directional and will look good from any perspective. A bold floral design or mural are wonderfully immersive and create a beautiful statement. Textural designs on the ceiling are perfect for adding depth and warmth to a space.’

And lastly – what to do about the walls?

Bobbi Beck Ace Ceiling

(Image credit: Bobbi Beck)

Layton left his walls plain white, contrasting the ceiling. So should you follow suit?

‘If you’re planning on wallpapering your ceiling then in most cases I would recommend leaving your walls blank because getting the pattern to make sense in all directions can be very difficult. However, it’s a little easier with something like spots or stripes,’ says James Mellan-Matulewicz, CEO and creative director at Bobbi Beck.

‘Carrying wallpaper from the walls onto the ceiling creates a seamless look as the pattern and colour flow from ceiling to wall, creating a more visually dynamic and immersive feel. However, leaving the walls bare means that the ceiling becomes a focal point for the room’s overall design, drawing attention upwards and adding a unique touch to the space,’ Chelsea explains.

We think the instructions are clear – let’s get to covering our ceilings in wallpaper!

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