What type of blind is best for a kitchen? Experts all agree on this practical choice

Adding privacy, style and functionality to your kitchen - roller blinds are the ultimate option

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Deciding which type of blind is best for your kitchen likely isn't high up on your renovation to-do list but this small decision will have a huge impact on how you use your space, and how it looks.

From cafe curtains to Venetian blinds, and not forgetting shutters, there are so many kitchen window treatment ideas to choose from that it can be tempting to just go with what you like the look of. However, in a room like a kitchen where functionality is at the heart of every design choice, it's important to choose a kitchen blind that will withstand moisture, food splashes and grubby fingers.

Ultimately, you want minimal fuss combined with a stylish design that will add to your kitchen aesthetic rather than take away. To get to the bottom of this kitchen conundrum we employed the help of blind and curtain experts for a lesson in choosing the right material, style and fit to aid your kitchen blind decision-making.

What type of blind is best for a kitchen?

Blinds are often more practical than curtains in a kitchen, but there are so many options to choose from that it can feel like navigating a minefield. As well as considering practicality, you will obviously want it to look good too, so we asked experts what the best type of blind will be to incorporate both of these things.

The consensus? Roller blinds came out on top. Affordable, easy to install and available in practical wipe-clean surfaces, putting one in your kitchen is a no brainer.

'Look for options that can withstand the unique conditions of a kitchen, such as heat and splashes, while also providing excellent light control and privacy,' advises Ellie Kennedy, interior expert at 247 Blinds.

'Waterproof and moisture-resistant roller blinds will stay looking new despite the humidity and splashes typical of a busy kitchen environment,' she adds.

Wondering what material to go for? Phil Coleman, from Barlow Blinds and a member of the British Blinds and Shutters Association, says 'Standard fabrics for vertical and roller blinds will withstand moist conditions and light rubbing with a damp cloth, but you need to be careful how rigorous you are, and how wet you get them.'

'PVC fabrics are the perfect choice for kitchen areas because they are waterproof and very robust,' he concludes.

How to style roller blinds in a kitchen

1. Go for a pattern

Wood kitchen with green floral roller blind

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If you love the look of Roman blinds but want a more practical choice for a cooking space where food spills are commonplace, then you can still mirror the more homely look with a patterned roller blind.

There are so many options for different patterns and it's a simple way to upgrade your kitchen on a budget - you don't need to commit to patterned tiles or a statement colour scheme, you can instead mix up your roller blind design as your taste changes.

2. Choose a slightly sheer material

How to measure for roller blinds with green kitchen blind

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Although you will want privacy in a kitchen, especially if you are overlooked by neighbours, creating a bright and inviting cooking space is key to enhancing your well-being.

One of the simplest ways to make a small kitchen feel bigger is to increase the amount of natural light, so ensuring windows are clear of clutter and heavy drapes is key. Opt for a semi-sheer roller blind to add privacy when night falls but still allow the sun to shine through in the morning. This white sheer roller blind from Dunelm is light and airy on its own but also works well layered beneath a patterned style.

3. Make life easy with motorised blinds

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If your kitchen windows are situated behind a sink or you even have skylights then stretching to reach a roller blind mechanism might be tricky. To make your morning routine more streamlined and limit how many blinds you open, consider choosing motorised roller blinds.

Making your home as smart as possible will ease the mundane everyday chores, making your kitchen much more pleasant and convenient to use. You can invest in made-to-measure electric roller blinds (like this style from Make My Blinds) or even add an electric function to your existing blinds by buying a kit from Amazon.

4. Choose a moisture-resistant material

Kitchen with matching floral blinds on window and skylight.

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'If your window is close to the hob or sink, then moisture proof blinds are essential. Steam from boiling pots of pasta, kettles or filling a hot water bottle can damage some soft fabrics, and even cause natural woods to warp or crack,' explains Ana Zuravliova, trend specialist at Blinds Direct.

So, when looking for a beautiful new kitchen blind, consider moisture-resistant roller blinds, faux wooden blinds or shutters to ensure they look good for longer.

'Opt for materials that are stain-resistant and can withstand regular cleaning, such as treated fabrics or composite materials, and match the blinds with your kitchen’s colour scheme and decor to create a cohesive and stylish look,' adds Jade Oliver, interior stylist at Express Bi-Folding Doors.

The Nyra blackout and moisture resistant blind from John Lewis & Partners has a chich navy and white design that will look effortlessly on-trend in a Shaker kitchen - plus, it's on sale.

5. Not a fan? Go for shutters

A kitchen window with a sink underneath it

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While roller blinds are incredibly practical and come highly recommended for a kitchen, they might not be the right choice for your kitchen aesthetic. If your style is more in line with traditional kitchen ideas then shutters are just as functional and will

Shutters will be a bigger investment but if you're expecting to stay in your home for many years then it might be worth the cost. And if you're worried about the faff to install them then don't fear - there are now no-drill shutters, like these from Blinds 2go, that make the process so much simpler.


What type of blind is best over a kitchen sink?

Positioning a window behind a kitchen sink is one of the best placements as it allows for a more interesting view while washing up, but reaching out a sink and tap to access the blind can be a bit tricky.

Plus, situating a blind next to a sink is likely to result in splashes, so picking a waterproof material is key. Whether that is a material finished with a waterproof coating or faux wood, there are plenty of options to suit your taste.

'Even in the most pristine homes, kitchen window blinds will get splash and grease marks as well as sticky finger prints so it is very important that the blinds can be cleaned, and are reasonably easy to clean,' explains Phil Coleman, from Barlow Blinds and a member of the British Blinds and Shutters Association.

'PVC fabrics are the perfect choice for kitchen areas because they are waterproof and very robust. If you prefer the look of venetian blinds then faux wood is the ideal product for your kitchen windows. They have the look of traditional wood blinds but are made from PVC,' he concludes.

Which colour or pattern are you going to pick for your kitchen roller blind?

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