Kitchen diner ideas to serve up a treat

Kitchen diner Kitchen diners are all about having the space to cook, eat, entertain, gather as a family and relax. Therefore, the average kitchen project has become so much more than simply upgrading old cabinetry and appliances – modern kitchen-diners are on the up.

A trusted home insurance survey shows that one in five UK households has removed a downstairs wall in the past 10 years, while one in three were already enjoying the benefits of an open-plan kitchen and kitchen-diner. The big appeal is for the kitchen and cook to be part of the action when entertaining and, on a day-to-day basis, for the whole family to be together.

In this time-pressed age, it’s a real boon to be able to offer help with homework while preparing the evening meal, and to be able to keep one eye on tots and teens while managing the other tasks – everything a kitchen-diner offers.

‘People have become generally less formal and so are more willing to share cooking, dining and relaxing areas,’ says Tim Higham of Higham Furniture.

‘When throwing a dinner party, it’s seen as sociable to cook and entertain at the same time.’

This is the time of year when open-plan layouts really come into their own, as the majority of kitchens include large amounts of glass to let in light and provide easy access to the garden, which vastly expands the living and entertaining space.
If you finding mornings a busy time, think about creating a breakfast room.

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