Could Miele's new oven feature make air fryers a thing of the past?

It's one part of an overall emerging trend for ovens

Miele H2766-1 BP Oven
(Image credit: Miele)

Miele has announced the launch of its new oven with an 'AirFry function' which promises to take the air fryer movement to the next level. Designed to make the task of cooking healthier and delicious meals at home easier, the oven's new AirFry function guarantees crispier results compared to using the regular fan oven setting – but is it worth ditching your air fryer for?

There's no denying that the best air fryers have blown up like never before, challenging everything we initially knew about the possibilities of efficient and affordable cooking. In recent years alone, air fryers have evolved from being the simple single-basket models they once were to best dual-zone air fryers, multi-zone air fryers, and even air fryer ovens.

However, Miele's latest launch has brought us right back around to where we started: the traditional oven, but armed with new technology. It has all the benefits of an air fryer, without having to take up additional space on your worktop. Or does it?

Miele H2766-1 BP Oven

(Image credit: Miele)

Miele Oven with AirFry Function

Miele's new H2766-1 BP Oven with AirFry Function is the latest oven to feature an AirFry mode, combining Fan Plus and Top Heat with the relevant temperature for hot air frying, resulting in crispy chicken, chips, fish, veggies, and more.

The Perforated Gourmet Baking and AirFry Tray promises to be perfect for baking the likes of crispy bread and pizza while pastries will produce a fluffy crumb and evenly browned surface. Miele's new AirFry oven also includes the dehydrating ability available in most air fryers. 

Miele is joining the ranks of brands such as Hisense who have added air fryer functions to their ovens. 

Are ovens with air fryer functions worth it?

While the prospect of an oven with a dedicated air fryer function might seem exciting, it of course doesn't come cheap upfront.

Often, when people make the switch from an oven to an air fryer it's because they're keen to save energy at home with the lower cost to run an air fryer and cook smaller portions of meals quickly. Therefore, the idea of an air fryer function in an oven may seem unnecessary for many, given that you'd either use one or the other depending on the circumstance.

When we previously debated an air fryer vs an oven, we concluded that an air fryer is a must-have for everyday meals, whereas an oven shines best when you're batch cooking – such as for meal prepping or hosting dinner parties. That being said, the decision of which one works better for you will be dependent on your needs entirely.

Miele H2766-1 BP Oven

(Image credit: Miele)

'Traditional air fryers are often more budget-friendly than ovens with air fryer frying features,' explains Dennis Digwa, appliance expert at electrical retailer, RGBDirect. 'If air frying is the primary function you need, investing in a dedicated air fryer can be a cost-effective choice.'

Not to mention, air fryers are often known for their simplicity. Dennis adds that air fryers 'usually have straightforward controls and are easy to operate without the need for extensive menu navigation, making them attractive for users who prefer a fuss-free experience.'

Of course, there's always the clean-up aspect to consider, too. We have to admit, while both are tasks we'd admittedly rather not do, cleaning an air fryer is generally a lot easier than cleaning an oven because of its compact size and removable, dishwasher-safe components.

Air fryers line up from testing day

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However, if you often find yourself cooking larger batches of food, opting for an oven with an air fryer function might be your best bet as opposed to opting for a larger air fryer fit for a family of 4.

Tom Hopper, kitchens manager at Miele GB assures that 'choosing an oven with integrated air frying capabilities allows for larger portions of dishes to be air fried with consistently crispy and delicious results.'

And, if you've got a small kitchen and can no longer add to your kitchen appliance layout, Tom adds that opting for an oven with an air fryer function eliminates the issue of crowding of worktop appliances. You've already got an oven in your kitchen anyway, so why not make it work twice as hard instead and be useable in your day-to-day life again?

Miele H2766-1 BP Oven

(Image credit: Miele)

'Ultimately, the choice between an oven with air frying capabilities and a traditional air fryer depends on individual preferences, cooking habits, and budget constraints,' concludes Dennis. However, if air frying is a predominant need and you value no-nonsense simplicity, sticking with a traditional air fryer may be the best course of action to take.

But, if you're keen on new air fryer advancements and prioritise cooking larger batches of food, we can see this becoming commonplace among new ovens, revolutionising the way we use our kitchens.

One thing is for sure, those air fryer's aren't going anywhere just yet.

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