Molly-Mae debuted her smart, hands-free oven on TikTok – and it opens on its own

Molly-Mae is an advocate of the smart kitchen appliance trend as she debuts her self-opening oven on TikTok

Molly-Mae Hague
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Earlier this week, Molly-Mae Hague took to TikTok to share a baking video of her daughter’s birthday cake, but something else in the video caught everyone’s attention – Molly-Mae’s smart oven that opens on its own. And people lost their minds. Us included. 

Needless to say this is one of the best ovens we’ve seen in a while. To say that we were intrigued would be an understatement. This is why we just had to track it down and find out how it opens on its own. And we’re happy to report that we succeeded! 

The influencer’s self-opening, hands-free oven is right on trend with the smart home trends, and even smart kitchen appliances which are gaining in popularity as people slowly get used to the idea of connecting their entire homes to create one smart home ecosystem.

A kitchen with sage green cupboards and two built-in electric ovens

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Molly-Mae Hague’s smart oven

Molly-Mae’s smart oven is the Miele H 7464 BPX in obsidian black selling for £2,829 no less. But given the innovative features and the fact that it’s Molly-Mae we’re talking about, the high price tag is not all that surprising. Similarly, her very chic Smeg bean-to-cup coffee machine she showed off on Instagram a few months ago was quite the investment.


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But what we want to know is how this oven opens all on its own. 

‘This oven is part of the Miele ArtLine range of handless cooking appliances,’ starts Sophie Lane, product training manager at Miele GB. ‘With a single touch on the control panel, the oven will softly open hands free. You can also use your voice to open the oven for you! It can also be connected to Amazon Alexa or a Google Home device via WiFi - great for those times when you have a tray in hand ready to go in the oven, but have forgotten to open the door.’

That also made us wonder whether it closes on its own as well, even though Molly-Mae is seen closing it manually in the TikTok video.

‘The oven does need to be manually closed. This is for safety reasons to make sure no hands or arms are in the oven when closing,’ Sophie adds.

But the hands-free design in itself is something we’re very into as it makes for a sleek, minimalist finish – and we know that’s exactly the vibe Molly-Mae loves to go for.

‘Going handless certainly helps to create a seamless appearance and is a great choice for those who want a minimalist kitchen,’ says Matt Ayres, appliance expert at RDO Kitchens & Appliances, who also highlights another smart feature. ‘Another very handy feature for anyone prone to burning food is that this oven uses TasteControl technology to prevent overcooking, where it will automatically open the oven door to let out the heat and retain the desired taste and texture.’

Does this mean that future kitchen trends will be all about smart ovens and other kitchen appliances? Perhaps.

A modern kitchen with a double built-in oven

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‘Smart ovens and other high-tech kitchen appliances have undoubtedly been gaining in popularity in recent years,’ Matt explains. ‘Features like the ability to preheat your oven ahead of time with voice or app control or in-app monitoring of the cooking process via wireless food probes are increasingly sought out by consumers, but more important are serviceability and efficiency.’

He concludes, ‘The integration of smart features in the appliance space is still relatively new but as smart tech integration becomes more commonplace in the home, we expect to see increased appreciation of the benefits it can provide, sitting alongside the traditional purchase factors of quality, price, efficiency and performance.’

And if you're after some similar alternatives to Molly-Mae's Miele oven, here are some of our favourites:

The future is looking very smart indeed.

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