Molly-Mae's space-saving (but equally stylish) coffee machine is a small kitchen's dream buy

She's not only made a mark in lifestyle, beauty, and fashion but in kitchens, too...

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Ahead of International Coffee Day coming on the 1st of October, we're on the hunt high and low for more coffee station inspiration – and former Love Island star, Molly-Mae, is right on cue as she recently took to Instagram to unbox (and style) her new coffee machine. Not only is it beautiful, but it's also a dream for those looking for the perfect appliance for a small kitchen.

Not only has Molly-Mae made her mark in the world of all things lifestyle, beauty, and fashion, but she's also served as a beacon of inspiration for the latest home decor trends.

On her home interiors Instagram, @mollymaison, she frequently features her home transformations that have hundreds of thousands of fans swooning – and her compact coffee bar proves no different.

Smeg bean to cup coffee machine

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Molly-Mae's space-saving coffee machine

The last we covered of the Hague-Fury household was Molly-Mae's neutral bedroom (which we loved, by the way), and we're back reporting on her latest kitchen addition, her new bean-to-cup coffee machine.

In Molly-Mae's most recent Instagram reel, she unboxes a Smeg 50's Style BCC02 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for her newest interior endeavour, her office.

The coffee machine sports a beautiful taupe colourway, which complements the rest of her office's kitchen colour scheme flawlessly and looks gorgeous on her marble countertop.

If there's anything we know about Molly-Mae, it's that she will always commit to the minimalist and neutral look – and this coffee machine is perfect for achieving just that due to its compact, space-saving design that our hearts are fluttering for.

A majority of the Ideal Home team lives in London, so we know just how important it is to maximise clever small kitchen layouts where we can, and this coffee machine makes the cut as the dream kitchen space-saver for caffeine addicts who haven't been blessed with the luxury of a lot of kitchen counter square footage.

Getting our hands on one would likely solve a top common small kitchen problem right off the bat. However, mind you, it's going to cost you quite a bit.

However, we did track down the White version of the Smeg 50's Style Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for over £200 cheaper than its taupe counterpart at However, do be mindful that this doesn't have a steam wand like Molly-Mae's, hence the price cut.

If you want to continue down the Molly-Mae train and follow suit with the rest of her office's kitchen coffee station, then it's worth snagging some clear glass syrup dispenser bottles and labels to display your favourite syrups and keep them close to hand.

The exact ones Molly-Mae uses are the Glass Syrup Dispenser Bottles (Set of 2), which you can buy online at The Pampas Place for £24.99. However, you can also find them on Amazon.

She then completes the look by keeping her coffee beans in a clear, airtight container and some glass straws close by, and voilà! A Molly-Mae-approved coffee station setup.

I mean, what more can you ask for if we're talking coffee bar essentials?

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