Olly Murs' brave kitchen colour scheme has made our hearts skip a beat – experts love how it is 'contemporary yet timeless'

A kitchen colour scheme fit for a troublemaker, if you ask us...

Olly Murs
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Olly Murs has been a household name since appearing on X Factor in 2009. Although we may often associate him with some of our favourite throwback hits, a look into his kitchen proves he's also making strides in the world of interiors with a bold brown and grey kitchen colour scheme.

Just last week, Olly and his wife Amelia shared their heartwarming pregnancy announcement video with fans. The opening shot features the Murs household's kitchen – sporting a bold interpretation of the dark kitchen trend, with a brown and grey colour scheme.

Dark kitchen ideas have long been a go-to kitchen colour scheme for those looking to add drama and instant impact. But Murs' choice of dark brown has inspired us to expand what colours work in a dark kitchen. Design experts are praising it as a winning combo that 'oozes high-end cosiness'.

The Instagram reel is captioned: 'It wasn't just our hearts that skipped a beat' – a heartwarming pun for the fans, of course.

The video opens in the Murs' kitchen, where luxe brown marbled worktops and statement walls, are paired with dark grey kitchen cabinets. The entire space is serving stealth wealth and sophistication – and yes, we're obsessed.

'Dark kitchens have taken the culinary world by storm, adding a touch of sophistication and contemporary flair to the traditional kitchen aesthetic,' begins Al Bruce, founder of shaker kitchen company, Olive & Barr.

'Working seamlessly with natural materials, embracing a deeper colour palette allows homeowners to channel a luxury appeal throughout their cooking space.'

Kitchen with skylight, parquet floor and brick feature wall, and door into the garden, butler's sink and dark blue cupboards

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How to make a dark brown kitchen colour scheme work

Rob Abrahams, co-founder and CEO of COAT Paints adds, 'Darker kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice, and they can work in any space. When the space is big and airy like in Olly's kitchen, you can get away with dark units and walls for a more dramatic look.'

'Brown is a heritage colour, but it's definitely seeing a renaissance at the minute,' he assures. 'Purple and taupe undertones can make for beautifully rich and chocolatey browns that feel both contemporary yet timeless.'

'More and more, people are starting to see dark browns as a warmer alternative to dark blues and blacks.'

So while black kitchen ideas are certainly still coming in hot, a deep chocolate brown like in Olly Mur's kitchen is the new way to make a dark kitchen look fresh and modern. 

Kitchen with dark kitchen worktops and cabinets, marble kitchen island

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But what of the brown and grey colour combo? It might not be conventional, but it does work if you get the tones right. 'Pairing brown and grey doesn't seem to make sense on paper. But it works here thanks to the warm undertones,' continues Rob. 'Both shades use yellow, which helps them play together well and feel cohesive.'

Sarah Lloyd, paint and interiors specialist at Valspar Paint adds, 'By pairing the dark grey cabinets with brown painted walls and ceilings, Olly Murs has transformed the kitchen into a contemporary and urban space, giving the dark grey cabinets a modern and unique edge.'

Kitchen with dark colour scheme, fridge, island, and cabinets

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Needless to say, moody kitchen colour schemes never looked better than in the Murs household's. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this emerging brown and grey colour scheme trend.

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