Looking for a Ninja dual zone air fryer? They're finally back in stock at these retailers

Act fast! The sellout Ninja dual-zone air fryer is back in stock at four different retailers

Ninja air fryer with two compartments cooking food
(Image credit: Ninja)

 Air fryer fever is everywhere at the moment and the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer has fast become a fan favourite. After being out of stock for months we've spotted it landing back in stores at four retailers. 

If you're wondering is one air fryer is worth the hype - it really is. Our Head of Reviews has called it the 'best air fryer I've ever tested', and it seems many customers have had the same opinion with five-star reviews all over the internet.

Where can you find a Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer in stock right now?

After realising how much it costs to run an air fryer, many households have been keen to snag one for themselves. The Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer is a wonder choice of the best dual zone air fryers for cooking two things at once for a full family meal. However, as word of this air fryer's skills has spread, it has become almost impossible to get your hands on one. 

Incredibly, over the past few days, we've noticed the Ninja back in stock at both Ninja, John Lewis, Currys and Argos! That is the most places we've seen it in stock in months. 

Ninja air fryer with two compartments cooking food

(Image credit: Ninja)

However, if you still can't find the exact Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer you're looking for in stock or at the price point we've included some suggestions of where to find cheaper alternatives for our sellout favourites.

The beauty of the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer lies in its ability to cook two different things at the same time but on different settings, making it a perfect buy for the holidays for preparing large meals, especially as the hosting season is among us. This model is also great for families, making meal prep and cooking time fuss-free and simple.

The Dual Zone 7.6L usually retails for £199 on Ninja, however, with the model repeatedly selling out on the Ninja site (though it is currently in stock), other retailers are offering the well-sought-after model but at a much higher price point – some are going for up to £300+. However, be assured that the Dual Zone, even if you have to pay more than the retail price for it, is definitely worth the purchase.

Image of Ninja Dual Zone air fryer during testing at test centre

The Ninja Dual Zone in our testing kitchen

(Image credit: Future/Millie Fender)

Millie Fender, Head of Reviews at Ideal Home praises the Ninja model, saying that 'the Ninja Dual Zone might just be the best air fryer I've ever tested. It goes up to 240 degrees, which is the highest temperature capacity of any air fryer I've tried. I also loved being able to make fish in one drawer, chips in the other etc. The only reason I don't still use it is that it's too big for my small kitchen, so seriously consider if you can spare an entire counter's worth of space before you buy it.'

Millie Fender
Millie Fender

Millie is the Head of Reviews for Ideal Home, working to ensure that the products we feature have been thoroughly tested before we recommend them to you. Previously Small Appliance and Cookware Editor, she remains our go-to expert for all things air fryer related. She's constantly reviewing the latest and greatest kitchen appliances, and has tested the large majority of options in this guide to tell you exactly what you need to know about them. 

air fryer cooking chips on countertop

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What are alternatives to the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer?

If you've had your heart set on the Ninja model but can't quite bring yourself to meet the increased asking price of some retailers, or are just keen to get your hands on one without waiting, fear not, as there are still some great alternatives out there that can still get the job done.

Molly, our Ecommerce Editor at Ideal Home, suggests the Instant Vortex ClearCook 7.6L Dual Air Fryer as a great alternative to the Ninja Dual Zone, ringing in at £200, saying that she loved it 'almost as much' as the Ninja model, and also adds that 'it has see-through doors which let you check up on your food as it cooks.'

Molly Cleary
Molly Cleary

Molly is the Ecommerce Editor for Ideal Home and is always on the lookout for the next must-buy product for your home. Covering all things appliance related, with an emphasis on floorcare and air fryers, she regularly joins Millie at Future's Test Facility in Reading to thoroughly put products through their paces. She's the proud owner of the Tower T17072 Vortx Vizion Digital Air Fryer, and uses it every single day while cooking at home. 

'A cheaper alternative that we're about to try out in our test kitchen is the Tower T17088 9L Dual Basket Vortx Air Fryer', Molly adds, for those seeking more budget-friendly air fryer solutions as this model is going for £150. 'The finish is a little less swanky but it's got a huge capacity and loads of cooking modes.' When on the lookout for your desired model, price point, capacity, and settings are definitely some of the top things to look for when buying an air fryer.

Another cheaper alternative we've seen for the Dual Zone is the Lakeland Dual Basket Air Fryer, sitting at only £159. This sought-after model is currently in stock and on offer for £139.99!

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