This 'ingenious' hack for hiding a TV made us realise we've been overcomplicating things for too long

And it's ridiculously easy to recreate

Living room with art canvas, shelving alcove, and shelving unit
(Image credit: Theresa Gromski (@theresa_gromski on Instagram))

TVs are pretty much a non-negotiable addition to a living room, from catching up on our favourite reality shows to binge-watching whatever is trending on Netflix. But, it doesn't take an expert to know they're not exactly eye candy. So, when we stumbled across this genius hack for hiding a TV simply using a canvas painting, we were all ears.

When you think about it, pretty much all of us own a TV of some sort. Yet, we still despise seeing them in photos and will work tirelessly to hide a TV. Although there have been new methods to make a TV look 'aesthetically pleasing' such as opting for frame TVs, for example, sometimes it's easier to just cover a TV in a small living room completely when they're not in use.

Luckily, that's exactly what this viral Instagram hack has done, and we're obsessed with the final look.

Illustrator and home interiors content creator, Theresa Gromski (@theresa_gromski) shared her clever hack for disguising her TV on Instagram, which garnered over 39,000 views and a flood of comments from impressed fans.

'People always ask [where my TV is] so here's how,' she writes in her caption. 'Who needs a frame TV? Canvas just hooks over the top, nothing complicated.' And Theresa's right – it's genius, and you wouldn't even guess there was anything hidden underneath the painting.

In the reel, she even goes on to demonstrate what she does with the canvas painting when the TV is in use: she just hooks it over the top of another wall feature in her living room. Simples.

Living room with art canvas, shelving alcove, and shelving unit

Canvas painting hooked over, disguising wall mounted TV

(Image credit: Theresa Gromski (@theresa_gromski on Instagram))

Better yet, fans in the comments are equally just as obsessed with this hack as we are dubbing it 'ingenious', 'brilliant', and our personal favourite: 'cunning'.

A look at the living room without the canvas painting is enough to show just how effective this little trick is. I mean, just look at that difference! Not only does the trick hide your telly, but it doubles up as an opportunity to update your living room wall decor ideas, too.

Living room with wall mounted TV, alcove shelving, and shelving unit with decorative furnishings

Wall mounted TV without the canvas painting hooked over

(Image credit: Theresa Gromski (@theresa_gromski on Instagram))

What's more, recreating the look at home is just as easy. All you need to do is get your hands on a canvas that is large enough to cover your TV, which you can buy from your favourite home retailers or even shop secondhand to secure a bargain price.

Shop canvas paintings

This solution works quite the treat in keeping your living room ideas looking cohesive without a huge techy eyesore, as well as for your many bedroom TV ideas, to not disturb the peace in what should be a soothing sleep sanctuary when you're not up all night binging your comfort show.

It's true when they say that oftentimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. There's no need to overcomplicate things when trying to disguise a TV, and this clever hack is one that will be living in our heads rent-free.

Jullia Joson
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